True Lovefraud Stories

Empty promises by sociopaths
True stories of love, deceit and fraud

If you haven’t been victimized by a sociopath, count your blessings. Then ask around. You probably know someone with a story to tell—if he or she will talk.

Being the victim of a scam is embarrassing. Humiliating. Victims keep asking themselves, “How could I have been so stupid? Why didn’t I see it coming?” The last thing they want to do is tell other people how they participated in being duped—even though it’s not their fault.

Sociopaths are really that good. They can fool anyone. But because few people are willing to admit what happened, the rest of us have no idea how many sociopaths are out there, how they operate and how much damage they cause.

Lovefraud is here to educate you.

Read these true stories of fraud masquerading as love. The stories are based on interviews with victims, documentation supplied by victims, and information from public sources, such as court records and newspaper accounts. Lovefraud makes efforts to verify the accuracy of all statements made in the stories.

If you have a similar story of love and deception to tell, contact lovefraud.com. By exposing these frauds, you are performing a public service.

To see a list of True Lovefraud Stories, visit the Case Histories page.

Also, Lovefraud frequently hears from members of the media who are looking for sources. If you are interested in telling your story to a reporter or television producer, please complete the Lovefraud Media Survey.