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 Complete Legal Advocacy (CLA) provides accommodations and assistance to individuals with disabilities who need protection in litigation (or in the workplace). Do you suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety, Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, an Autism Spectrum Disorder, Depression, any mental or physical disability? These disabilities entitle you to protection under the Americans With Disabilities Act at your workplace and in court litigation.
Rebecca Potter, MS, LMHC has assisted adults and children through challenges in the litigation process. Survivors of Intimate Partner Abuse are particularly vulnerable when leaving an abuser. One client claimed, ” I knew how to live with the abuser, but I had no idea how to survive the abuse I encountered in the courtroom from the abuser and the attorney.” Legal Advocacy Consulting will guide you and your family thru this process while mitigating the abuse and further emotional, physical, verbal and financial damages. We work to provide equal access to the litigation process instead of victimization by the litigation process.
Why we offer these services:
We offer coaching to assist in the grief process, anger, blame, resentment, betrayal and fear. These emotions are normal reactions to trauma. When a disabled individual is not assisted and abandoned in the legal process, the disability symptoms become much worse.  Aside from the natural grief, trauma and betrayal symptoms, an abuser will use the litigation process to commit additional abuse against the target individual, parent, grand parents and children. Litigation trauma is often exacerbated when the abuser hires a ruthless attorney who will use your natural reaction to the traumatic experience you have endured, claiming to the Court that you are not worthy as a parent or that you are “crazy”.
Litigants also experience trauma with the attorneys they have retained. Attorneys do not understand betrayal and grief trauma reactions and as a consequence they may increase your trauma reactions.  Your abuser may also attempt to hide or transfer all property and financial assets in an attempt to keep you from having a level financial playing field in the dissolution of marriage. Oftentimes your attorney is working to assist the judge and opposing attorney to quickly force you into an unfavorable settlement.   The Family law system can be a time bomb for any victimized litigant. Your vulnerability is used against you if you do not have disability accommodations.
Children also suffer and we can help:
If your children have been exposed to abuse, they often exhibit behaviors such as: anger, confusion, depression, self injury, lack of self esteem. We coach parents, teaching methods to reduce these behaviors through a specialized child behavior analysis evaluation and treatment plan. We will assist you to redirect and understand the functions of these behaviors (often trauma symptoms) as your child grieves the abuse, trauma and dissolution of the family unit. If your child is also recovering from abuse, we will be able to assist your child to heal from the effects of an abusive parent. If your spouse has alienated your child, we provide coaching services teaching you how to reconstruct a relationship with your child. These techniques are affective and have worked with many strained child/parent relationships If you are a targeted parent and your children are being encouraged to dislike or disrespect you, it is important to begin this treatment as soon as possible. (We provide accommodations for children with disabilities also).
Court accommodations:
If you are dissolving a marriage or relationship with an abusive personality, the courtroom is their favorite abuse tool. It is vital for every targeted individual to have an accommodation so that abusive methods are not used against you and your children by the former mate or their attorney.
 Workplace accommodations:
If you are suffering anxiety (and have a disability) in your workplace, we will provide an accommodation report for your Human Resources Manager at your place of employment. We will be able to advocate for you in your workplace, as your HR may be advocating for the company and not for your needs.
Advocacy with your attorney:
Often during litigation, litigants need protection from their attorneys. We provide advocacy to assist with any issue involving your attorney. We are able to closely work with your attorney and will guide these professionals to understand your symptoms are normal reactions to trauma.
Cooperative dissolution of your marriage:
We also work with parents who want to avoid the court system and develop cooperative parenting. We will work with both parties and help the family to structure a safe environment in both homes for the children, work on forgiveness and release of resentment. The savings to your pocket book and your child are immeasurable using our services to enhance cooperation in your marriage dissolution.
Biofeedback therapy:
Our biofeedback treatment will reduce the feelings of exhaustion before and after court appearances, reduce the fear responding to triggers, such as, organizing court paperwork, reactions when facing the abuser, adrenal exhaustion, grief, betrayal and trauma bond responses.  Biofeedback will also assist those who have begun to use substances to avoid the trauma pain. Talk therapy is not an appropriate treatment for trauma survivors.
Expert Witness:
As a licensed professional, Rebecca has been an expert witness in many family court and civil court actions involving litigants in family, criminal and civil courts. Rebecca understands the tricks of nasty attorneys in litigation.
We are here for you to help you endure the litigation process. We will help you to remain calm and focused on obtaining relief for yourself and your family.
Professionals who understand traumatized litigants:
Often you will not be able to find a professional counselor who understands the physical and mental reactions which occur when an individual has suffered abuse by an abusive personality. Without trained professional experience, your trauma will increase.   Rebecca has personally experienced litigation and intimate partner abuse. With experienced professional help the litigation and healing process is not as lonely and painful for a targeted individual. Recovery is possible with the right guidance and coaching.
About Rebecca Potter:
Rebecca has her Master’s Degree in counseling and behavior analysis. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in education and worked as an instructor before becoming a licensed therapist. She has consulted and advised corporations to reduce trauma and stress for employees after the company had experienced a crisis event. Rebecca worked with corporate management to ensure that management understood trauma and grief reactions. This service was needed by corporations so that   the development of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by traumatized employees was decreased.   Rebecca also provided services to traumatized children who were abandoned and neglected . Rebecca’s training in applied behavior analysis and has helped parents and grandparents work to reduce trauma acting out behaviors in children who have suffered trauma from being involved in state agency systems. When Rebecca experienced her re-victimization in Family Court, she sought treatment and training in biofeedback therapy to reduce the Post Traumatic Stress Symptoms from her litigation abuse. Biofeedback is an exceptional tool to reduce the nervous system normal responses to the abnormal litigation experience.
Do not let the court system re-victimize you, call today for an initial consultation.

Lake Worth
Accommodation reports
Coaching/ Legal Advocacy
Child behavior analysis
Expert Witness Testimony
Biofeedback Therapy
BS, Education from Michigan State University
MS in psychology, Nova Southeastern University
MS, behavior analysis
Biofeedback certification
certified Forensic Disability Specialist
Initial consultation of $50.00 which can be applied to services
I work throughout the United States. I will travel and assist you in the courtroom in your state. My fees are reasonable. I have worked also as an expert witness.

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