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Learn the truth about sociopaths and other manipulators

Online courses from Lovefraud Continuing Education teach the public and therapists about:

  • sociopaths
  • psychopaths
  • narcissists, and
  • other manipulators.

If you think sociopaths and psychopaths are all easy-to-spot criminals and serial killers, you’re WRONG! Even worse, you’re at risk of encountering one of these exploiters, not realizing it, and being damaged — or enabling a client to be damaged. Lovefraud Continuing Education offers courses for:

  • The public — people who want to protect themselves, or who have already tangled with an exploiter and need to escape and recover
  • Therapists — mental health professionals who want to know more about personality disorders and earn continuing education credits.

If you’ve been targeted, you’ve probably learned this the hard way. In the beginning of a relationship, many disordered individuals are charismatic, charming, energetic and sexy. Once you’re hooked, the relationship becomes abusive — emotionally, psychologically, physically, sexually or financially.

The good news is that love fraud is completely avoidable, if you know the warning signs. Or, if you’ve already been caught in the web, escape and recovery are possible.

To learn how to protect yourself, or recover from betrayal, explore Lovefraud Continuing Education.

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