Victimized by Sociopath Psychologist Gary Dumais

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    Hello Donna, I love your book! My only regret is NOT finding it before my horrible and nearly life threatening experience. I and many other women have been extreme abuse victims to one of the worst kind of people possible: A A highly trained and educated Psychologist who is clearly a sociopath. Myself and many other of his victims are speaking out about the harrowing experiences with this man.
    Before anyone panics: I have spoken to my attorney and I know my rights regarding mentioning the abuser’s name. Since it is TRUTHFUL it is legal to post anywhere on the internet or tell anyone. The most harrowing abuse one can receive is by a Psychologist as I and many others who have been victimized by Dr. Gary Dumais can attest to. And there are many of us and we have spoken together about the horrors that this man has done to us.
    Dr. Gary Dumais has a very long history of ALL forms of abuse on the women he has preyed on. And by far the Emotional and Psychological Abuse was the most cruel. Although he has hit me and others (and raped others), by far the emotional and psychological abuse was the worst since he knew exactly what to do. Two of his other victims agreed with me on that fully too. Dr. Gary Dumais LOVES to verbally emotionally,psychically, sexually and psychologically abuse women.As a huge misogynist and vicious sadist, he genuinely
    enjoys dishing out the abuse and gets off on it sexually and mentally. I could see the look in his eyes!
    And being a trained psychologist, he is very very,very good at the psychological abuse.
    Yes, that is how he uses his training and psychology education. To abuse and hurt people because he gets off on it. Many of us even witnessed him abuse his now deceased cat.
    Like most sociopaths, Dumais wears a good fake mask in the beginning.He seems normal, professional, decent and even charming. Like Ted Bundy did.
    Do not be fooled by that facade. He uses his psychological training and education to fabricate that facade which eventually wears off.
    And like other sociopaths, he has no moral compass and is never held accountable for his terrible actions or even acknowledges them. No remorse at all.
    He is a pathological liar and master manipulator. Dumais would systematically break me down (and other his other victims) with constant abuse beating me into a depression and then tell me that ” I needed him” and that “he would fix me” and that I “needed his help and expertise”.

    He would exploit very painful parts of our pasts and use it to his advantage and turn it against us. He would make us think we deserved the abuse. The insults, the berating, the degradation, the humiliation-It was OUR fault! Always “Blame the Victim” with Dumais. It was always our fault.We always deserved it.
    Dumais knew I occasionally suffered from depression and he would intentionally exacerbate it by abusing me more, telling me I was useless, worthless etc and then would tell me that I should kill myself.

    And yes, this is coming from someone who works in the mental health industry!
    His raging alcoholism is frightening. He’d go through 21 bottles of red wine a week, and a whole bottle of Patron and a handle of Jack a week. He can’t go three days without drinking.
    His porn addiction is unhealthy and intolerable and is what I believe might have pushed him to sexually abuse us.He would masturbate for hours wile staring at porn websites. he even needs to stare at dirty magazines when he works out.
    He tried to rape me. He anally raped his ex wife and other ex girl friends (they told me).
    This man must be stopped! We believe he moved from Chicago to Philadelphia because he ran out of victims to abuse in Chicago and word got around.

    So please all women reading this: Heed our warning! Do not assume that because someone works in the mental health industry that they always have the best intent and that you will be safe with them!
    They could very well be like Dumais and exploit it to their gain and try to control and destroy you for their enjoyment and sick needs.

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    And I forgot mention…..Many of us had to go into therapy to undo the severe damage that Gary Dumais enjoyed causing.
    We have gotten a lot of peace is discussing and commiserating together and exposing this sociopath monster for what he really is.
    We don’t want to see any more victims hurt by this man! He must be stopped before he kills someone.

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    Ok, not an idiot

    WOW Google him. He is in Philadelphia now and all over social media. Handsome man. Thank god for people like you willing to put themselves out there to hopefully save another. Side Note His eyes; Ive seen those empty vacant eyes, must be a sociopath trait.

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    Please read his text messages he sent to one of his victims.

    The Psycho Psychologist Gary Dumais of Philadelphia

    and read the comments from some his ex victims

    He popped up numerous “social Media” accounts (tumblr, twitter etc)very recently at the advice of a web marketing company he hired for “online reputation management” after one his abuse victims came forward. They fabricated a false defense trying to say that this is an “online extortion scam” trying to squeeze money from him to remove the warning posts which is obviously NOT true and very insulting to us abuse victims and our recovery! If you read the comments on this site :

    The Psycho Psychologist Gary Dumais of Philadelphia

    In some parts towards the end of February, Victims of Dumais go into very personal detail in regards to things about him that only friends and family members would know.”Online scam artists” wouldn’t know the details of the inside of his home and the color and disposition of his deceased cat!
    And his threats! To keep us all quiet! Threats of raping a 9 year old girl, threatening to get victims fired and kicked out of their homes.And extortion threats against his victims…I could go on….

    And yes, OK, you are correct on the vacant eyes part.The scary part is Dumais’ eyes were always vacant except when he was abusing. Whether with hands or words, it was when he was abusing that he looked alive. Because its the only thing that makes him feel alive. 🙁
    Thank you for your support btw

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    Hi Victims of Dumais, it’s very brave of you to come forward & warn others about this Evil sociopath!! I for one am pro warning others of the abuse that a sociopath has done. I warned the 5 women my husband was involved with just after I escaped him & learned from a counselor that he was a sociopath. Several took my warning, two did not. But I planted the seed in their minds that he was a sociopath so hopefully they will/have escaped his brain washing just like you & the others are doing by expose this evil sociopath.

    I would HIGHLY recommend that you post your post here up in the top under the red “Lovefraud true story” under the “Beware of sociopath” section that way if someone comes to Lovefraud they can read those articles & see his name (most likely it will be one of his current victims trying to figure out what the hell is really going on with his crazy behavior).

    I’m truly sorry that you & others endured this nightmare of a man. I’m glad that you all have connected because victims joining up can make a huge statement that WILL help new victims. Have you ever thought about contacting the Police sexual abuse victims department? OR if not how about contacting Gloria Allred (lawyer) she has taken on the case for the 50 plus victims of Bill Cosby. I’m guessing she doesnt charge but rather sues the abuser to collect either with his home owners insurance or personal assets or both. But the biggest reason to contact her with your group of victims is to expose this sociopath to the world.

    I wish you & the others all the best in your healing journey. The book Freedom of mind by Steven Hassan is a good book to understand the mind control this evil man did & had over all of you. If you google “Bite Model steven hassan” and Steven Hassan freedom of mind you tube you can learn more. Hassan is a cult & domestic abuse expert. His site is Freedom of mind resource center. His own story is on his site.

    Take care.

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    Thank you so much for your support and advice! I went and filed it under a survey under the “Beware of Sociopath” true story, I really hope it gets published. I am very willing to talk to the media about his psychotic monster. The more who ae warned of Gary Dumais, the better! He he costs myself and other victims thousands in dollars in therapy that we never needed before. And Dumais has cost us all irreparable damages and loss that is absolutely priceless. The main reason most of us did not go to the police was due to the fact that we were terrified of Dumais. His threats were insane! He threatened to rape a 9 year old, has stolen and destroyed property, threatened home and job loss and extortion.
    If you look at the link above you can see screenshots of his text messages threatening his victims if they go to the police! My friends have reached out to his business partners at Delta Consultants to let them know of Dumais’ psychosis since all he does is lie. We have filed complaints with the APA and are looking into getting his license revoked. Although Dumais is a Business Psychologist and not a therapist, he still should NOT be working in the industry! And should not be around more women to use, exploit and abuse. The psychosis of Gary Dumais must be stopped!

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      VictimsofDumai, you’re welcome. I’m confused as to what this guy does for a living…What is this “delta Consultant” company he & his partner are running? Could it be some sort of scam? And What is a “Business Psychologist”??

      Also are you 100% sure he is actually license by the state of PA? And are you 100% sure that he actually has a University degree in this field? So many times sociopath will lie about having degrees & license in their fields!! So maybe do a little research to confirm he is licensed & has a degree.

      I often read about sociopaths that lie about having been to college or were in the Military, when in fact they never went to college or were never in the Military.

      Like you state this guy is a liar (look up the term pathological liar) they will lie about EVERYTHING!! Even lie when there is no need to lie!!They will lie about their jobs & skills!!

      The fact that he is bragging about his money, makes me wonder if he actually has any money or if he is just living off is credit cards??

      Glad you escaped this evil man!!

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      VictimsofDumai, the fact that he “threatened” all his victims not to go to the police…is the very reason you all should go to the police to file a report.

      Sociopaths WILL always mind control their victims = in this case he is mind controlling all his victims so that they do not expose him to the police.

      My ex right in the beginning of the relationship told me he “hated” his ex talking to everyone about their relationship…so guess what I never spoke of his abuse, his gas lighting me, manipulation etc until we were in couples therapy 12 years later when I wanted out of the marriage. On the way home he was brain washing me telling me “not to trust the therapist”. He knew how to control my mind. Just like all sociopaths do! Just like this sociopath is doing to all of you.

      The book Freedom of mind by Steven hassan explain in depth about how these evil people control someone else mind…it’s called “mind control” aka Brain washing. He brain washed you not to go to the police because he knows he is evil & would be exposed for his crimes. Rightfully so!!

      What we learned from Bill Cosby is he threaten the same with his victims…he had money & power & control over all his victims UNTIL ALL HIS VICTIMS JOINED FORCES..that’s the day they all took back their power & control from him…thank goodness!! Now he is facing the rest of his life in prison!!

      I would suggest you do your homework on this guys resume to see if in fact he is telling the truth about his degree…if he is lying…bingo…he faces prison time!! Then he will be off the streets!!

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    Hi Jan7,

    Thanks for your feedback and support.I will most certainly look for that book, thank you for the suggestion!
    Yes, I know exactly what you mean by how psychopaths lie about careers,education etc… not too mention of course past relationships and ghosts from their pasts!
    His education and career is pretty much the ONLY two things Dr. Gary Dumais has actually been honest about. And also, my friends and I did research him well after the fact.a friend even spoke to another psychologist he went to college with. Whom he had a falling out with of course! Dumais’ colleague even witnessed a violent outburst of his and stopped speaking to him.

    So to answer your questions as to what it is Dumais does for a living.He is a Human Resource Consultant and business Psychologist. Dumais does HR management, leadership development and evaluates and assess new talent for companies. I may have only done two semesters in college majoring in psychology before I changed majors, but a chimp can do his job. I’ve read his questionnaires and the client reports. Nothing complicated.
    As far as I know, Delta Consultants is a legitimate company. They have been warned about their partner, Dumais.
    Gary also owns his own “company” called Select Human Resources (selhr.com)
    which he has had for awhile. At least since he moved to Philadelphia. It is a damn good thing that a psychopath psychologist like this does not do clinical therapy.I’d hate to think of the suicide rate of his patients if he had gone that route. He told me he got into HR because it is better money than clinical therapy. He also admitted to me that started his own business in order to enable his alcoholic lifestyle. He can drink until 3am, sleep until noon, work out, masturbate at porn for a few hours, work on reports for a couple of hours, start drinking again. Rinse, Repeat. A day in a life of this psychopath degenerate,Gary Dumais.
    I am currently working with a very good friend of mine who is not only a psychologist too, but also works very closely with federal and local law enforcement.

    Oh yes, Psychopaths and their need to control! Your ex and Gary must have went to the same Academy For Sociopaths, lol. Dumais did the same thing to ALL of us! He would repeatedly and consistently tell us “Do NOT tell your friends and/or family ANYTHING that goes on between us! If you do, YOU (notice blame the victim again!) will destroy this relationship!!!”
    Well, of course he would always say that. Because our friends and family would all say the same thing when we told them about things he said or did: “He’s an abusive psycho! LEAVE him!” All of our friends and family despised Dumais. As they should. Dumais also tried to turn our friends against us, and turn us against our family and friends. In hindsight, it was obvious what he was trying to do. Drive a wedge in between his victims and their support networks to make them more vulnerable. So he would have more control.
    He would also control where we would go, what we would wear and who we would see by starting fights and having violent outbursts (another victim called it his “flip out”s, another his “meltdowns”) He once threw a pair of his shoes at his one victim calling her a whore because he thought her outfit was too “provocative”. I met up with him a day after hanging out with my girlfriends the night before and he verbally attacked me out of nowhere and accused me of cheating, started insulting my friends, went off the handle and threw a beer bottle against his kitchen wall. All because I went out with girlfriends (“Whores I don’t trust” as he called them) that didn’t like him.
    Dumais is a maniac. Plain and simple.

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