So I was wondering what this website's stance on us Aspies is?

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    Grey Cat

    Okay, so I am a man who has experience with emotional abuse from people who had what I believe to psychopathic traits. I am also very obsessed with them as it is my Autistic Obsession. I watched the movie Home a few weeks ago and I diagnosed the leader of the Buu (the alien race which invades Earth) as a Psychopath of some sort.

    I love modern cartoons…

    The fact is the abuse I have received throughout my life with my father’s anger management problem relating to abuse in his own childhood and actually going back to his father’s father who was basically a drunken redneck who beat his wife and did things we would consider very bizarre and hateful in our Politically Correct World.

    I have basically run into a lot of people who mess with my emotions then turn it around and say I am manipulating them. And I am wondering if these people maybe have some personality traits I should be concerned about or if this an NT thing.

    Another thing I am concerned about is I am trying to start dating and I don’t know how to recognize if someone is trying to abuse me or take advantage of me. And I took the test here and discovered I was actually very vulnerable.

    I just need to know if you guys will help me or just single me out?

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    Donna Andersen

    Grey cat – welcome to Lovefraud. We recognize that people on the Autism spectrum are not exploiters. And don’t feel bad if you don’t know how to spot someone abusing you (yet) or that you scored as vulnerable – most people don’t know how to spot potential abuse, and everyone is vulnerable.

    I recommend that you keep reading to educate yourself about the Red Flags of Love Fraud – signs that someone is pretending to love you in order to exploit you.

    Also, we had folks with Aspergers/Autism post on Lovefraud in the past, and they said that they were able to sense, even smell, the predators. So if you sense someone is dangerous, go with your instincts.

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