I need confirmation that my instincts aren\'t failing me


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    I’ve been with my partner for just over 4 and a half years, and while the first 6-12 months were great (aren’t they always lol), the rest have been far from it. Like many others I was drawn to his charm, his aspirations to succeed in life and his ability to remain calm in any situation. Honestly? I couldn’t fault him! I strived to have qualities like these and hoped I could learn from him. When my friends and family first met him, his quiet and reserved nature was often mistaken for arrogance though it never took long for the critics to become fanatics, and scepticism to become awe. I loved that everyone loved him, that is until I realised how much it could work against me. My loud, animated personality was a liability when it met with his contrasting coolness, and i was often perceived as the villain. Fast forward to now and It would take me a week to note everything that’s occurred since those happy days. Our relationship runs at a dysfunctional level and I’ve long said I believe it’s too damaged to ever be good again. One thing I find intriguing is that before I properly researched sociopathy I had already labelled certain traits of his as ones I found hard to accept or understand. I always knew he was driven by pride, but not to the extent where I now believe he’d rather saw his own arm off than admit he’s wrong or even that his judgement was a little off. Whether he’s wrong about something or has been caught lying he refuses to acknowledge it, Even if there’s undeniable proof he will argue the point saying that I’m crazy and need help and try to turn it back on me. You can see on his face that it physically pains him to admit his faults and I could probably count on one hand the number of times I’ve heard him genuinely say sorry. I’ve also long said he was born without a remorse gene and at times he seems incapable of emotions altogether. He has an extremely dark sense of humour where nothing is off limits (like knowing full well I had a brother who died of cot death when I was 5 but still feeling the need to look up and read aloud dead baby jokes), yet the smallest thing at times will offend him and he’ll be embarrassed/angry that u could ever say such a thing. He has no sense of consequence or regard for anyone’s feelings, nor does he seem to have any desire to progress in life, which is a shame as he’s extremely intelligent, though it infuriates me as he thinks he’s smarter than everyone and constantly tells me I’m dumb. We’ve recently been evicted-and not for the first time either- for falling behind with rent. Although I don’t blame him entirely it angers me that certain things don’t appear to phase him and that he clearly doesn’t learn from experiences or make things like paying rent a priority. I could go on and on but Ive rambled enough I think! Basically my current situation is that we’re staying with a friend til we find a place. But I’m at breaking point and I think I want out, as I’m not convinced that the same crap won’t happen again in what I call this broken record relationship. What makes it hard is that my options are limited due to the fact I’ve neglected my relationships with a lot of people since being with my partner (surprise surprise!) I know I can sort out those things anyway I just really need some advice on whether my feelings are warranted and if it does sound like I’m dealing with a sociopath. Any feedback is much appreciated and thank you for reading πŸ™‚

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    Donna Andersen

    Baztrix – Your instincts are correct. You are describing the classic traits of a sociopath. Please dump this guy ASAP. It will never get better.

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    I spent 8 years trying to determine whether he is a sociopath or not. After sustaining incredible emotional and physical abuse, discovering that he had slept with dozens of prostitutes and other women, after countless marriage counsellors, individual therapy, trying anti-psychotic medication because he had convinced me and everyone else that it was me, I realized that it didn’t matter if he was or was not a sociopath. If that was the question on the table, I better get the hell out of there. Once all the truth came out, slowly and painfully over the course of a year and a half, he stopped even pretending to be kind. It was like there was no point anymore. I was too beat down to leave for a while. Finally, with the help of my friends, I left. I packed all my things and moved in one day because he changed the locks and told me he’d throw away anything I left behind, even though we owned the house together. He harassed me for a while and bullied me down on the divorce agreement. Then, not three months after I left, he moved a new girl into the house, bought her a new car, and started parading her around everyone we know. I feel better than I knew possible, but it’s still a painful process. If you think that you are with a sociopath, leave. Who cares if they are or are not? If that is the question, why would you stay? I left a big house and a big income and a lot of things behind. I have not regretted it for one second. Over the past year and a half, as the truth came out, I learned that my instincts were spot on, but he had convinced me that I was insane (look up gaslighting). Please, at least find one person to be completely honest with about your situation.

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    Gaslighting is common with psycho/sociopaths. It is important to be aware.

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    Yes get out. I was only with my boyfriend for a 1 1/2 yrs. But in that time I went from the highest high to the lowest low. I didn’t even recognize myself. And that became my answer. No matter what he is. The facts are….he was married three times. Had many many short term relationships and cheated on us all. And the person you love is supposed to make you a better version of yourself. Not worse. Everyone fights I know….but I WASN’T ME anymore. I sat down a googled some of the things he did. He meets every red flag there is. Very charming. Everyone loves him….however, they don’t trust him. He was the life of the party but no one was fixing him up with their sister. And he will cheat on the next and the next. So I have moved on. Still hard but getting stronger every day. It’s like being addicted to drugs. I wanted the high of the beginning. And it looks like you may be looking for that too. I say run!! Listen to the song “Better Man”. I swear I think whoever wrote it was involved with someone like this. Good luck to you!!

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    I agree with tmb.

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