Help!! I don't know if he is or not

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    I am just finding out a ton of information about my husband. We have been together for 18 years. We have been married for 11. We have two children together. I have always had suspicions that he had been cheating on me. About a week ago he fessed up to everything. He has never been faithful to me. He has had a full 8 year relationship with another married woman. And he has slept with multiple people each year we have been together. He has admitted that the doesn’t actually feel bad. He says he knows he shouldn’t have done it but he doesn’t really feel bad. He doesn’t have guilt. He says that he doesn’t feel empathy for people even though he knows that he should. He is not mean. He doesn’t cut me down. He doesn’t hit me… He is just incredibly dishonest. He has lied to me our whole relationship. I also believe that he is addicted to sex. He thinks that it is very normal for people to cheat and for people in relationships to have something on the side. He has always known that I don’t feel this way, yet he still proposed and wanted to marry me. I don’t know if I can say that he is a sociopath because he is not mean in any other way. He lies and cheats. He is not manipulative with money or controlling over me. He has said that he would be fine if I was sleeping with other people. We have split but I am absolutely devastated! I have loved this man for 18 years and he has broken me. I am really struggling with simple life tasks right now. I need help understanding everything that has happened to me.

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