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    Donna, are you a sociopath? I think both you and a lot of your users might be. Here is the perfect place to hide, while indulging in such thoughts. Perhaps grooming new victims from a pool of people seemingly obsessed with pathological people.

    I don’t expect you, Donna, to take the mask off here, but I think I see through you.

    My family is a bunch of psychopaths — not sociopaths. Including myself. All non-violent. All “crazy” on the inside to some extent. But certainly not sociopaths. We aren’t losers who drift around running petty scams on people — often psychopaths have strong attachments to law and ethics, since we don’t grasp empathy. We just have nothing behind our faces but instinct and intellectualized emotion/morality. We do our best to seem emotionally/morally sane.

    Psychopaths can turn bad, but we aren’t inherently that way — neither are we inherently abusive. To us, morality is an intellectual pursuit, not something that we feel — at least not very much. That can lead to psychopaths being inhuman monsters. Or the strongest defenders of the weak, and the poor.

    1 in 100 people are psychopaths. That is 3 million psychopaths in the US. I doubt most of these people even realize what they are, or let it have much effect on their lives. They get on the best they can with what they understand.

    Psychopathy is not well understood — though there are some papers, and this is just my personal take on my family, and myself.

    Please do better in future, separating psychopaths from sociopaths, in your writing and on your site. We are different sorts of people, often jammed together, but in reality very much separate.

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