Reply To: Victimized by Sociopath Psychologist Gary Dumais



Hi Jan7,

Thanks for your feedback and support.I will most certainly look for that book, thank you for the suggestion!
Yes, I know exactly what you mean by how psychopaths lie about careers,education etc… not too mention of course past relationships and ghosts from their pasts!
His education and career is pretty much the ONLY two things Dr. Gary Dumais has actually been honest about. And also, my friends and I did research him well after the fact.a friend even spoke to another psychologist he went to college with. Whom he had a falling out with of course! Dumais’ colleague even witnessed a violent outburst of his and stopped speaking to him.

So to answer your questions as to what it is Dumais does for a living.He is a Human Resource Consultant and business Psychologist. Dumais does HR management, leadership development and evaluates and assess new talent for companies. I may have only done two semesters in college majoring in psychology before I changed majors, but a chimp can do his job. I’ve read his questionnaires and the client reports. Nothing complicated.
As far as I know, Delta Consultants is a legitimate company. They have been warned about their partner, Dumais.
Gary also owns his own “company” called Select Human Resources (selhr.com)
which he has had for awhile. At least since he moved to Philadelphia. It is a damn good thing that a psychopath psychologist like this does not do clinical therapy.I’d hate to think of the suicide rate of his patients if he had gone that route. He told me he got into HR because it is better money than clinical therapy. He also admitted to me that started his own business in order to enable his alcoholic lifestyle. He can drink until 3am, sleep until noon, work out, masturbate at porn for a few hours, work on reports for a couple of hours, start drinking again. Rinse, Repeat. A day in a life of this psychopath degenerate,Gary Dumais.
I am currently working with a very good friend of mine who is not only a psychologist too, but also works very closely with federal and local law enforcement.

Oh yes, Psychopaths and their need to control! Your ex and Gary must have went to the same Academy For Sociopaths, lol. Dumais did the same thing to ALL of us! He would repeatedly and consistently tell us “Do NOT tell your friends and/or family ANYTHING that goes on between us! If you do, YOU (notice blame the victim again!) will destroy this relationship!!!”
Well, of course he would always say that. Because our friends and family would all say the same thing when we told them about things he said or did: “He’s an abusive psycho! LEAVE him!” All of our friends and family despised Dumais. As they should. Dumais also tried to turn our friends against us, and turn us against our family and friends. In hindsight, it was obvious what he was trying to do. Drive a wedge in between his victims and their support networks to make them more vulnerable. So he would have more control.
He would also control where we would go, what we would wear and who we would see by starting fights and having violent outbursts (another victim called it his “flip out”s, another his “meltdowns”) He once threw a pair of his shoes at his one victim calling her a whore because he thought her outfit was too “provocative”. I met up with him a day after hanging out with my girlfriends the night before and he verbally attacked me out of nowhere and accused me of cheating, started insulting my friends, went off the handle and threw a beer bottle against his kitchen wall. All because I went out with girlfriends (“Whores I don’t trust” as he called them) that didn’t like him.
Dumais is a maniac. Plain and simple.