Reply To: Victimized by Sociopath Psychologist Gary Dumais



VictimsofDumai, the fact that he “threatened” all his victims not to go to the police…is the very reason you all should go to the police to file a report.

Sociopaths WILL always mind control their victims = in this case he is mind controlling all his victims so that they do not expose him to the police.

My ex right in the beginning of the relationship told me he “hated” his ex talking to everyone about their relationship…so guess what I never spoke of his abuse, his gas lighting me, manipulation etc until we were in couples therapy 12 years later when I wanted out of the marriage. On the way home he was brain washing me telling me “not to trust the therapist”. He knew how to control my mind. Just like all sociopaths do! Just like this sociopath is doing to all of you.

The book Freedom of mind by Steven hassan explain in depth about how these evil people control someone else mind…it’s called “mind control” aka Brain washing. He brain washed you not to go to the police because he knows he is evil & would be exposed for his crimes. Rightfully so!!

What we learned from Bill Cosby is he threaten the same with his victims…he had money & power & control over all his victims UNTIL ALL HIS VICTIMS JOINED FORCES..that’s the day they all took back their power & control from him…thank goodness!! Now he is facing the rest of his life in prison!!

I would suggest you do your homework on this guys resume to see if in fact he is telling the truth about his degree…if he is lying…bingo…he faces prison time!! Then he will be off the streets!!

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