Reply To: Victimized by Sociopath Psychologist Gary Dumais



VictimsofDumai, you’re welcome. I’m confused as to what this guy does for a living…What is this “delta Consultant” company he & his partner are running? Could it be some sort of scam? And What is a “Business Psychologist”??

Also are you 100% sure he is actually license by the state of PA? And are you 100% sure that he actually has a University degree in this field? So many times sociopath will lie about having degrees & license in their fields!! So maybe do a little research to confirm he is licensed & has a degree.

I often read about sociopaths that lie about having been to college or were in the Military, when in fact they never went to college or were never in the Military.

Like you state this guy is a liar (look up the term pathological liar) they will lie about EVERYTHING!! Even lie when there is no need to lie!!They will lie about their jobs & skills!!

The fact that he is bragging about his money, makes me wonder if he actually has any money or if he is just living off is credit cards??

Glad you escaped this evil man!!