Reply To: Victimized by Sociopath Psychologist Gary Dumais



Thank you so much for your support and advice! I went and filed it under a survey under the “Beware of Sociopath” true story, I really hope it gets published. I am very willing to talk to the media about his psychotic monster. The more who ae warned of Gary Dumais, the better! He he costs myself and other victims thousands in dollars in therapy that we never needed before. And Dumais has cost us all irreparable damages and loss that is absolutely priceless. The main reason most of us did not go to the police was due to the fact that we were terrified of Dumais. His threats were insane! He threatened to rape a 9 year old, has stolen and destroyed property, threatened home and job loss and extortion.
If you look at the link above you can see screenshots of his text messages threatening his victims if they go to the police! My friends have reached out to his business partners at Delta Consultants to let them know of Dumais’ psychosis since all he does is lie. We have filed complaints with the APA and are looking into getting his license revoked. Although Dumais is a Business Psychologist and not a therapist, he still should NOT be working in the industry! And should not be around more women to use, exploit and abuse. The psychosis of Gary Dumais must be stopped!