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Hi Victims of Dumais, it’s very brave of you to come forward & warn others about this Evil sociopath!! I for one am pro warning others of the abuse that a sociopath has done. I warned the 5 women my husband was involved with just after I escaped him & learned from a counselor that he was a sociopath. Several took my warning, two did not. But I planted the seed in their minds that he was a sociopath so hopefully they will/have escaped his brain washing just like you & the others are doing by expose this evil sociopath.

I would HIGHLY recommend that you post your post here up in the top under the red “Lovefraud true story” under the “Beware of sociopath” section that way if someone comes to Lovefraud they can read those articles & see his name (most likely it will be one of his current victims trying to figure out what the hell is really going on with his crazy behavior).

I’m truly sorry that you & others endured this nightmare of a man. I’m glad that you all have connected because victims joining up can make a huge statement that WILL help new victims. Have you ever thought about contacting the Police sexual abuse victims department? OR if not how about contacting Gloria Allred (lawyer) she has taken on the case for the 50 plus victims of Bill Cosby. I’m guessing she doesnt charge but rather sues the abuser to collect either with his home owners insurance or personal assets or both. But the biggest reason to contact her with your group of victims is to expose this sociopath to the world.

I wish you & the others all the best in your healing journey. The book Freedom of mind by Steven Hassan is a good book to understand the mind control this evil man did & had over all of you. If you google “Bite Model steven hassan” and Steven Hassan freedom of mind you tube you can learn more. Hassan is a cult & domestic abuse expert. His site is Freedom of mind resource center. His own story is on his site.

Take care.

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  • This reply was modified 1 month, 2 weeks ago by  Jan7.