Reply To: Victimized by Sociopath Psychologist Gary Dumais



Please read his text messages he sent to one of his victims.

The Psycho Psychologist Gary Dumais of Philadelphia

and read the comments from some his ex victims

He popped up numerous “social Media” accounts (tumblr, twitter etc)very recently at the advice of a web marketing company he hired for “online reputation management” after one his abuse victims came forward. They fabricated a false defense trying to say that this is an “online extortion scam” trying to squeeze money from him to remove the warning posts which is obviously NOT true and very insulting to us abuse victims and our recovery! If you read the comments on this site :

The Psycho Psychologist Gary Dumais of Philadelphia

In some parts towards the end of February, Victims of Dumais go into very personal detail in regards to things about him that only friends and family members would know.”Online scam artists” wouldn’t know the details of the inside of his home and the color and disposition of his deceased cat!
And his threats! To keep us all quiet! Threats of raping a 9 year old girl, threatening to get victims fired and kicked out of their homes.And extortion threats against his victims…I could go on….

And yes, OK, you are correct on the vacant eyes part.The scary part is Dumais’ eyes were always vacant except when he was abusing. Whether with hands or words, it was when he was abusing that he looked alive. Because its the only thing that makes him feel alive. πŸ™
Thank you for your support btw