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Horrifying saga of multiple predators, sexually abused children and murder

After all these years of running Lovefraud, at times I am still shocked by some people’s level of depravity.

Sara Packer, of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, worked as an adoption supervisor and, along with her husband, David Packer, fostered 30 children.

In 2004, Sara and David Packer adopted Grace Packer and her brother when Grace was three years old. David Packer was later convicted of sexually abusing Grace and a learning-disabled foster child. He went to prison.

Sara Packer took up with a new boyfriend Jacob Sullivan.

Grace Packer disappeared in July 2016. She was 14 years old.

Now authorities say Sullivan beat, raped and murdered Grace, while Sara Packer watched.

There’s more. This story is unbelievable.

REVEALED: Polyamorous woman who watched boyfriend ‘rape, strangle and dismember her adopted daughter, 14,’ fostered THIRTY CHILDREN until her ex-husband was arrested for sexual abuse, on DailyMail.co.uk.

‘Rape-murder fantasy’ has mom, man charged in teen’s killing, on Fox29.com.

Dylann Roof sentenced to death for murdering nine people in church

Dylann Roof, they 22-year-old white supremacist convicted of murdering nine churchgoers in an African American congregation, was sentenced to death.

Roof acted as his own attorney during the sentencing. He was unrepentant. He said:

“In my confession to the FBI, I told them that I had to do it. I felt like I had to do it when I said that and I still feel that way.”

Roof also said,

“There’s nothing wrong with me psychologically.”

Spoken like a true psychopath.

Dylann Roof sentenced to DEATH by jury for cold-blooded massacre of nine black Charleston churchgoers after the unrepentant killer refused to defend himself and said he would do it all again, on DailyMail.co.uk



Kelly Cochran, possible serial killer, awaits trial in Michigan

Kelly Cochran

Kelly Cochran

Kelly Cochran, of Caspian, Michigan, began an affair with a co-worker, Chris Regan. But when Kelly’s husband, Jason Cochran, found out, he was furious, and threatened to kill Regan.

Instead, the Cochrans allegedly hatched a plot to kill Regan together. Then they dismembered his body.

But Kelly Cochran was angry, and 16 months later, she allegedly killed her husband, making the death look like a heroin overdose.

Kelly told a police detective that she wouldn’t lose sleep over her husband’s death. “You feel (emotion),” she said, according to DetroitNews.com, “and I can’t.”

Killings may go beyond U.P. woman’s husband, lover, on DetroitNews.com.

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Professor who murdered his wife asks for money to start over, but maybe he shouldn’t have

Rafael Robb was convicted of murdering his wife (AP).

Rafael Robb was convicted of murdering his wife (AP).

Ten years ago, on Dec. 22, 2006, Rafael Robb, of King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, bludgeoned his wife, Ellen Gregory Robb, to death as she wrapped Christmas presents. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Robb, a former University of Pennsylvania economics professor and an expert in game theory, was supposed to be released in January. A civil suit awarded $124.26 million to the couple’s daughter, who was 12 when her mother was killed.

Robb listed assets of approximately $3 million in the civil lawsuit. This week, Robb petitioned the court for $100,000 of his  assets to set up a new life after prison. But in a hearing, he mentioned an account in France, which he had not disclosed during the civil suit.

The Montgomery County District Attorney may consider perjury charges against Robb.

After 10 years of abuse, New Jersey woman is found dead; police search for her husband


Jeremiah Monell is wanted for allegedly killing his wife.

State Police are searching for Jeremiah Monell, 32, of Commercial Township in southern New Jersey, who allegedly killed his wife.

Tara O’Shea-Watson, 35, endured 10 years of beatings and abuse, friends and relatives say in an article in the Press of Atlantic City.

Monell would “freak out” on his wife if she talked to family members, the victim’s friend said. Over the past few months, according to the friend, O’Shea-Watson finally decided to enforce a restraining order and filed for divorce.

She was found unconscious and unresponsive in her home Monday morning.

State Police continue to search woods for Commercial Township murder suspect, on PressOfAtlanticCity.com.

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Steven Dean Gordon, already a sex offender, guilty of murdering 4 women while wearing a GPS tracker


Stephen Dean Gordon, 45 (left) and Franc Cano, 27

Stephen Dean Gordon, 45 (left) and Franc Cano, 27

Prosecutors in Orange County, California, started calling him “Jaws” because he was such a vicious predator. Last week, Steven Dean Gordon, 47, was convicted of abducting and killing four random women in Santa Ana, between 2013 and 2014.

Gordon was already a convicted sex offender. His partner in crime, Franc Cano, was also a sex offender. Cano will be tried separately.

Both men were under supervision after being convicted in separate cases of lewd and lascivious acts with a child under 14.

Both men were wearing GPS tracking devices. In fact, it was the data from the tracking devices that connected them to the disappearances of the four women, who were all prostitutes.

After their arrests, prosecutors found their text messages to each other about killing the fourth victim, Jarrae Estepp. Gordon didn’t want to do it, but Cano said it was his turn.

To better protect victims, UK strengthens stalking laws

Jealous Woman Stalking Couple Of LoversFour years ago, a new stalking law enabled prosecutors in England and Wales to charge offenders with stalking, even when their behavior falls short of creating a fear of violence in the victim. The idea was to stop stalking behavior, especially in domestic violence cases, before it escalated.

Authorities have announced new orders that extends the law so that it protects people who are being stalked by strangers.

Police can apply to the courts for orders to make stalkers stay away from their victims, before the stalker has been convicted, or even arrested.

Stalking: New orders planned to give quick protection, on BBC.com.

New stalking legislation helps to bring thousands more prosecutions as CPS and ACPO launch protocol to improve service to stalking victims, on CPS.gov.uk.

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Georgia man guilty of leaving his toddler in a hot car to die so he could lead a double life

Justin Ross Harris

Justin Ross Harris

Ross Harris, 35, of Cobb County, Georgia, was convicted of murder for leaving his 22-month-old son, Cooper, to die in a hot car.

Harris claimed that he forgot to take the boy to daycare. But prosecutors said he wanted his son out of his life so he could continue his extra-marital affairs.

Evidence showed that Harris sexted other women constantly — including the day his son died.

Ross Harris found GUILTY of murdering his 22-month-old son by intentionally leaving him in a hot car for seven hours because the child ‘didn’t fit with his lifestyle,’ on DailyMail.co.uk.

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British con man, 26, scams £250,000, flees to South America and blows the money on a ‘champagne lifestyle’

Con artist Marcus Elliott, 26 (Derby Telegraph SWNS)

Con artist Marcus Elliott, 26 (Derby Telegraph SWNS)

This is perhaps the most brazen con artist story I’ve seen in awhile. Marcus Elliot, 26, of Lincolnshire, England, leased shipping containers, promising to pay the monthly rental, and then sold them on eBay.

He scammed a total of £250,000, fled to South America with a hooker, and blew the money on expensive cigars, a Playboy membership, and a speedboat — which he crashed.

He was convicted and sentenced to almost four years in prison.

It’s like a bad movie script — except that the people he scammed got hurt.

Fraudster, 26, conned businesses and the public out of £250,000 before fleeing to South America to live a ‘Champagne lifestyle’ with his prostitute girlfriend, on DailyMail.co.uk.


Student fights for a year to bring the man who raped her to justice

Daniel Drill-Mellum

Daniel Drill-Mellum pleaded guilty to rape.

Right off the bat, something about Daniel Drill-Mellum didn’t feel right.

Two years ago, when Abby Honold was a 19-year-old student at the University of Minesota, she met Drill-Mellum, 22, at a party. He asked her to help him get more alcohol at his apartment across the street, and she didn’t feel safe. But she went anyway.

The man raped her. Then, two of his fraternity brothers tricked her into saying the sex was consensual while they recorded the call.

Her claims weren’t taken seriously — until the case was reopened by a University of Minnesota police officer. Eventually, more victims of the same man came forward, and Drill-Mellum pleaded guilty.

‘He laughed while he was raping me’: U of Minnesota student details brutal 2014 attack during tailgate party that led to year-long struggle to bring her attacker to justice, on DailyMail.co.uk.