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14-year-old Wisconsin girl wanted her ‘first kill,’ slashed her brother’s girlfriend’s throat

Kali Jade Bookey

Kali Jade Bookey (Facebook)

Kali Jade Bookey, 14, or New Richmond, Wisconsin, was charged with slashing the throat of her brother’s 15-year-old girlfriend last week.

Bookey rode her bicycle to the victim’s home at 6:30 a.m. and attacked the girl while she was sleeping. Bookey described herself as “psychopath and crazy” according to a criminal complaint, and said that the victim would be her “first kill.”

Wisconsin teen slashed throat of brother’s girlfriend, told her she would be her ‘first kill,’ on NYDailyNews.com.

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Woman, 22, who called her boss a ‘positive light’, charged with poisoning her

kaitlyn Conley

Kaitlyn Conley was charged with murdering her boss.

Mary Yoder, a chiropractor from Whitesboro, New York, died suddenly in July 2015.

The next day, her employee, Kaitlyn Conley, 23, wrote a Facebook post:

‘You truly were a positive light in the world and I’m so lucky and thankful our lives crossed paths.

‘There wasn’t a day I didn’t look forward to work with you. You taught me so much and had such a profound impact on my life.

‘Everyone appreciated your attention, stories, and laughter.

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I was dying inside, trying to keep her happy


Spath TalesEditor’s note: Lovefraud received the following story from a man whom we’ll call, “Timothy.”

I knew her from over a decade ago. I guess you can say we started as friends with benefits.

Back in those days I should’ve remembered the times we fooled around, even while she was with someone when he went out of town. Over the years she married this person, and I went on into other relationships myself.

In 2013 we had an encounter at a motel in her hometown, I happened to be working in. In 2014 the person I was in a relationship with left the state.

British girls, aged 13 and 14, murder a helpless woman

Angela Wrightson, who was murdered by two teenaged girls. (Cleveland UK police)

Angela Wrightson, who was murdered by two teenaged girls. (Cleveland UK police)

Two girls from the United Kingdom were recently sentenced to life in prison for beating a woman for more than nine hours, stopping only to pose for pictures, and then leaving her to die. The girls were 13 and 14 years old when they committed the crime in December 2014.

The story was forwarded to Lovefraud by a reader. She wrote:

She pursued me, produced divorce papers, but was married the entire time

Spath TalesEditor’s note: Lovefraud received the following story from a reader whom we’ll call “Gretta.”

Many of people join groups on Facebook with similar interests to meet up with friends and potentially if we find ourselves lucky or unlucky enough in my case something more. In my particular case, it was an older lesbian group on FB.

I am going to share a very private, yet painful experience that I have encountered with you all in hopes this may prevent another person from going thru the emotional, heart breaking, financial and shameful experience that I have recently encountered.

Woman fakes cancer to raise money — is she a do-gooder, or a sociopath?

Editor’s note: The following story and comment were sent by a Lovefraud reader whom we’ll call “Jeri-Lynn.” A well-known woman from West Seattle, Tracy Dart, claimed she battled cancer three times while raising money for the disease. Allegations are that she never had cancer at all.

Local woman may have faked cancer diagnosis, on King5.com.

This a story from my community, which is reeling from the news. Are daily lies which do “good” things like raise $ for cancer research somehow “better” than lies perpetuated by sociopaths to actively hurt their targets?

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Doctor sentenced after leaving python in her estranged husband’s bedroom

Dr. Mary Kay Brewster

Dr. Mary Kay Brewster

Dr. Mary Kay Brewster, of Salinas, California, was sentenced last week to 150 days in jail for stalking her estranged husband and his alleged mistress.

Brewster was convicted in November of harassing her estranged husband with profane text and phone messages. She also left a three- to four-foot-long python and three rats in his bedroom. She also harassed the alleged mistress, including poisoning her plants.

Putting a python in bedroom: Monterey doctor sentenced for stalking estranged husband, on ContraCostaTimes.com.

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Woman, 22, fakes terminal cancer to manipulate her lecturer, costing the woman her money, job and marriage

Elisa Bianco

Elisa Bianco was jailed for scamming her lecturer. (Facebook)

In a shocking story from the United Kingdom, Elisa Bianco, 22, of Fowey, Cornwall, created a bogus sob story about dying of cancer to manipulate her female lecturer, Sally Rettallack.

Bianco kept the ruse going for four years, eventually costing Rettallack thousands of pounds, her job, and even her marriage.

Then, after Rettallack’s husband left, Bianco set her up online with a “recently widowed” doctor — who didn’t exist.

Bianco was sentenced to two years and eight months in prison. Her disgusted father said she deserves to be punished.

Siblings accuse their cousin of seducing and killing their father

Last year on Christmas day, say Jennifer Ralston and her brother, Caleb McNamara, their father was shot in the back of the head, murdered by their cousin, Tracy Shannon Nessl.

Jennifer and Caleb accuse Nessl of seducing their recently divorced father, Timothy McNamara, moving to Belize, and then killing him. They say Nessl had multiple life insurance policies on their father, and put his properties into her name, including their family farm.

The siblings have filed a civil murder lawsuit against Nessl in Grant County, Washington.

Sociopaths and a Greek Tragedy Revisited


Now that I’ve had my own life derailed by a sociopath, and now that I know up to 4% of the population is sociopathic, I see sociopaths often in everyday life. I also see sociopaths in literature and film.  Yet, before my own life was train wrecked by a sociopath, I viewed these stories and characters as entertaining aberrations, not as anything or anyone about which I really had to worry. Weren’t sociopaths rare, and wouldn’t I somehow know if such a person entered my life?