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Love scam: Woman targets 92-year-old man, marries him, drains his money

Aloysius Mack, 92, of Schaumburg, Illinois, visited the same McDonalds restaurant every morning for coffee. One day, Sophie Miller sat down across the table from him.

He thought he found love. She found a bank account.

Miller got Mack to pay $80,000 for a laundromat business, $40,000 for a van, got on his bank account and tried to get his home.

In another case from Cook County, Illinois, 79-year-old Benita Manalo married her caretaker, Phil Cantillas, who was 28 years younger. He took $65,000 from her.

The Cook County public guardian said that as baby boomers age, the love scam problem will likely get worse.

Fake “love scam” drains 92-year-old man’s savings, on CBSNews.com.

Beliefs that make lesbians vulnerable to exploitative partners

women arguingBy Amber Ault, Ph.D.

Like women in heterosexual relationships, women who date other women face the risk of entanglements with toxic partners. This is sometimes surprising both to straight and LGBTQ people who may assume that relationships between two women partners are somehow “naturally” peaceful and nurturing.

Indeed, sometimes women in disappointing relationships with men contemplate dating women instead because they assume same-sex relationships would be devoid of the exploitation that can happen in cross-sex relationships.

What are the assumptions that make women who date women vulnerable to toxic relationships? Here are a few:

Erroneous Belief #1. All narcissists and psychopaths are male.

While most narcissists and psychopaths in the public eye are male, both men and women across sexual identity categories display antisocial and narcissistic traits. Over-romanticizing women by trusting that women don’t have the behaviors and attitudes that define psychopaths or narcissistic personality disorder leaves women who date women vulnerable to becoming entangled with partners who take advantage of them.

I help him escape; she manipulates him back and wipes out all his money

Spath TalesEditor’s note: Lovefraud received the following letter from a woman whom we’ll call “Carlotta.”

I started out close friends with a man married to a sociopathic woman, which later turned into a romantic relationship.

This woman was evil to the core. He attempted to divorce her multiple times, but to no avail.

She always used manipulation to get him back. Once back, she wipes all the money out that I helped him save. She took every, every penny he had and left him with nothing.

He made very good money, plus got a pension to boot. She would take everything for herself. His bank accounts never had more than a few dollars in it. She took out multiple loans in his name (she conned him into signing for them), which he never saw a dime of.

14-year-old Wisconsin girl wanted her ‘first kill,’ slashed her brother’s girlfriend’s throat

Kali Jade Bookey

Kali Jade Bookey (Facebook)

Kali Jade Bookey, 14, or New Richmond, Wisconsin, was charged with slashing the throat of her brother’s 15-year-old girlfriend last week.

Bookey rode her bicycle to the victim’s home at 6:30 a.m. and attacked the girl while she was sleeping. Bookey described herself as “psychopath and crazy” according to a criminal complaint, and said that the victim would be her “first kill.”

Wisconsin teen slashed throat of brother’s girlfriend, told her she would be her ‘first kill,’ on NYDailyNews.com.

Story suggested by a Lovefraud reader.

Woman, 22, who called her boss a ‘positive light’, charged with poisoning her

kaitlyn Conley

Kaitlyn Conley was charged with murdering her boss.

Mary Yoder, a chiropractor from Whitesboro, New York, died suddenly in July 2015.

The next day, her employee, Kaitlyn Conley, 23, wrote a Facebook post:

‘You truly were a positive light in the world and I’m so lucky and thankful our lives crossed paths.

‘There wasn’t a day I didn’t look forward to work with you. You taught me so much and had such a profound impact on my life.

‘Everyone appreciated your attention, stories, and laughter.

‘We will be remember you for your light, energy, and strength, and the best way I can think to honor your life is to emulate your genuine, cheerful, and kind spirit.’

Conley was just charged with second-degree murder for killing her boss.

New York woman, 23, charged with fatally poisoning her 60-year-old chiropractor boss before remembering her in Facebook post the day after she died, on DailyMail.co.uk.

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I was dying inside, trying to keep her happy


Spath TalesEditor’s note: Lovefraud received the following story from a man whom we’ll call, “Timothy.”

I knew her from over a decade ago. I guess you can say we started as friends with benefits.

Back in those days I should’ve remembered the times we fooled around, even while she was with someone when he went out of town. Over the years she married this person, and I went on into other relationships myself.

In 2013 we had an encounter at a motel in her hometown, I happened to be working in. In 2014 the person I was in a relationship with left the state.

The woman from a decade ago then contacted me and invited me to a casino/hotel she was staying in. I went and spent a couple of nights with her, and at that point decided we should be in a relationship (RED FLAG).

British girls, aged 13 and 14, murder a helpless woman

Angela Wrightson, who was murdered by two teenaged girls. (Cleveland UK police)

Angela Wrightson, who was murdered by two teenaged girls. (Cleveland UK police)

Two girls from the United Kingdom were recently sentenced to life in prison for beating a woman for more than nine hours, stopping only to pose for pictures, and then leaving her to die. The girls were 13 and 14 years old when they committed the crime in December 2014.

The story was forwarded to Lovefraud by a reader. She wrote:

“In my opinion, the most shocking aspect of the reporting and analysis of this horrifying story is the fact that the girls/murderers have never been described/diagnosed as psychopathic, despite the fact that their joint attack on this defense-less women and their demeanor in court showed a complete lack of conscience or remorse.  Most disturbing is the fact that these young murderers are shown to have derived pleasure from torturing their victim—for over nine hours!—as she pleaded for her life and as they assaulted her with various objects found in her home!  And, the ultimate “insult to injury” is the fact that the two used social media to (mockingly!) document and share their “atrocities”…”

She pursued me, produced divorce papers, but was married the entire time

Spath TalesEditor’s note: Lovefraud received the following story from a reader whom we’ll call “Gretta.”

Many of people join groups on Facebook with similar interests to meet up with friends and potentially if we find ourselves lucky or unlucky enough in my case something more. In my particular case, it was an older lesbian group on FB.

I am going to share a very private, yet painful experience that I have encountered with you all in hopes this may prevent another person from going thru the emotional, heart breaking, financial and shameful experience that I have recently encountered.

First a little history about me. July of this upcoming year, will be two years since my Wife passed away suddenly. I joined this group in hopes of simply engaging with like minded people, have some laughs and truthfully a distraction.

Woman fakes cancer to raise money — is she a do-gooder, or a sociopath?

Editor’s note: The following story and comment were sent by a Lovefraud reader whom we’ll call “Jeri-Lynn.” A well-known woman from West Seattle, Tracy Dart, claimed she battled cancer three times while raising money for the disease. Allegations are that she never had cancer at all.

Local woman may have faked cancer diagnosis, on King5.com.

This a story from my community, which is reeling from the news. Are daily lies which do “good” things like raise $ for cancer research somehow “better” than lies perpetuated by sociopaths to actively hurt their targets?

I suspect her family and friends are hurting equally – just all at once instead of slowly over time.

I’ve been reading some of the comments on the news posts. There were some who knew her who had doubts, but they felt guilty about having them, and embarrassed to say anything publicly because she was so loved.  

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Doctor sentenced after leaving python in her estranged husband’s bedroom

Dr. Mary Kay Brewster

Dr. Mary Kay Brewster

Dr. Mary Kay Brewster, of Salinas, California, was sentenced last week to 150 days in jail for stalking her estranged husband and his alleged mistress.

Brewster was convicted in November of harassing her estranged husband with profane text and phone messages. She also left a three- to four-foot-long python and three rats in his bedroom. She also harassed the alleged mistress, including poisoning her plants.

Putting a python in bedroom: Monterey doctor sentenced for stalking estranged husband, on ContraCostaTimes.com.

Story submitted by a Lovefraud reader.