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My kids are in the clutches of a malicious sociopath

A child waiting for daddy.Editor’s note: A Lovefraud reader wrote the following post.

I am a mother of 4 children. My younger two boys are 3 years old and 18 months. They are  currently in the clutches of their father.

I was in a four-year relationship when I decided to walk away. Loving an alcoholic is exhausting. I was tired of the emotional abuse. This man has been incarcerated longer than he has been free.

I still wanted him to have a relationship with the boys. I decided not to pursue custody through the courts but work custody between us. This was the worse mistake I have ever made.

He came to pick up the boys one weekend in February and I haven’t seen them since. I found out the place where he was staying he was evicted from. He has no physical address for where he and my boys are living. The only address I have is his work address.

He has used and played the court system to his advantage. I’ve called the police they will not intervene. I’ve called CPS – with no address they can’t do a welfare check. His family does not want to get involved.

I’ve had two emergency hearing and the judge granted shared custody pending a hearing set for May. I have over a 100 emails from him refusing to obey orders. I’ve filed for contempt of court.

I will never give up fighting for my children. I’m starting to realize how dangerous his behavior really is.

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  1. becomingstrong says:

    I’m sorry. This is awful. Your story highlights the danger of not having firm court orders. A parent can, and they do, pick up a child/children and barring a court order not return them and it is lawful. It is important for all parties who separate to have a custody order, either agreed upon and ratified by the court, or through hearings. This way when a parent takes the children and doesn’t return them you have some recourse to retrieve the children. If a sociopath thinks you are leaving them better get yourself into court. And the problem is it can, as you point out, take a long time to get into court and time then is on the side of the parent who has the children. Possession is 9/10ths of the law. There maybe emergency motions which can be filed. But in family law land a child who is not in immediate danger is usually not a high priority. Good luck

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  2. Jan7 says:

    Aimee1904, hugs to you!! I’m so sorry that first you were in a relationship with a sociopath, that’s a nightmare in itself but to be going thru this current nightmare ordeal…I cant even imagine the stress & fear you are under.

    Can you go to the police? FBI?

    Have you thought about contacting your local & national domestic violence centers/hotline for help? They may have many resources to keep your children safe!! As well as you safe too!!

    Also check out the site One moms battle. com (USA). It’s a wonderful site for support when it comes to court issues primary Child custody.

    If you go to the top of Lovefraud & do a search on One Moms battle…Donna Anderson (Lovefraud site creator) has written about One moms battle & their site creator Tina Swiften. Donna has also interviewed Tina.

    One moms battle also has a Facebook page with over 30,000 other mothers going thru the same thing you are going thru = dealing with a narcissist and/or sociopath!! SO there is much support for you!

    If you are going to chat on the One moms battle Facebook page I would highly recommend that you open a fake email account then a fake Facebook page…this way your ex, his family & friends do not see what you are chatting about.

    Dont fight this man alone…reach out for help!!

    Wishing you & your children all the best.

    Take care. 💜 xxx

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  3. stillconfused77 says:

    I feel this writer’s pain. I can only imagine what that feeling may be like. I’m sorry that you are going down this road.

    Although I may have been weak, gullible and lost after my spath skirmish. Something, the me within, told me that I was being given no choice but to take the spath to court. I had no trust in the spath, the requests from the spath were unreasonable and the spath was being irrational. Going to court is exactly what we did. I fought as hard as I could. There were misrepresentations during the entire process. It was a struggle, but thankfully things worked out fine. I am still in recovery!

    I find it interesting that I am being so guarded in these comments. Just like the reader above recommended setting up a fake email and etc, I don’t yet feel safe. I wish I could be more open with my comments.

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