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In the wake of a sociopath, feel better with Energy Medicine

Involvements with sociopaths are often called “toxic.” This is totally appropriate, because whether these predators engage in subtle manipulation and deceit that leaves you wondering what is “off,” or whether they inflict outright emotional, physical, financial and sexual abuse, your body, mind and spirit are flooded with toxins.

Sustained sociopathic exploitation drains you. Eventually, you can become so physically, emotionally and psychologically depleted that it becomes difficult to handle day-to-day life, let alone the drama of the sociopath.

But to escape and recover from the sociopath, you need your strength. How can you rebuild it? The techniques of energy medicine may help you.

Donna Eden and Energy Medicine

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Copia gratuita a los primeros 5 lectores de ‘Alertas Rojas de Estafa Amorosa’ en libro electrónico

Alertas Rojas de Estafa Amorosa_Border_300x300Editor’s note — To Lovefraud’s Spanish-speaking readers — We are giving away five copies of the new Spanish translation of ‘Red Flags of Love Fraud — 10 signs you’re dating a sociopath.’ All you have to do is promise to post a review of it on Amazon!

Regalamos cinco copias de la nueva versión en español del libro, Alertas rojas de estafa amorosa — 10 señales de que estás saliendo con un sociópata, a los lectores hispanohablantes de Lovefraud. ¡Tan solo tienes que cumplir la promesa de publicar una reseña del libro en Amazon!

Ponte en contacto con donna@lovefraud.com

Más información:

Lo que deben saber todos los que anhelan una relación sobre los depredadores sociales:

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Tonight on ABC 20/20: ‘Sociopaths and psychopaths walk amongst us’

Tonight’s episode of ABC 20/20 focuses on a murder-for-hire case in Texas. Dr. Thomas Michael Dixon was charged with the murder of Dr. Joseph Sonnier. Dixon hired his friend, David Shepard, to commit the crime.

Shepard’s three daughters were crucial in securing the conviction. In this show, they are speaking out publicly about having a murderer for a father.

ABC News 20/20 airs at 10 p.m. Eastern time tonight.

Daughters of Texas love triangle murder-for-hire killer discuss dad’s involvement, on ABCNews.go.com.


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Everyone’s Ex is a Psychopath


Hello, Lovefraud Readers. A quick reintroduction: I’m Helen Beverly, an author and psychotherapist who writes under the name H.G. Beverly. I was married to a psychopath for over a decade and am still dealing with the challenges of raising our children “together” in a society that struggles to deal with psychopathy. I’ve written some posts about those challenges that you can find archived here on Lovefraud. Also, I published my memoir, The Other Side of Charm, in 2014 and am now releasing my next book one chapter at a time. You can find it here and on my blog at hgbeverly.com. It’s called My Ex is a Psychopath, But I Am Strong and Free.

This book details my healing journey despite failed systems that left me in constant contact with my ex. I talk about how I learned to manage the situation and how I have recovered peace and happiness despite obstacles. Look for a new chapter here each week on Fridays. Here is the first chapter.

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Sociopath Control: Lessons From Economics 101 And Frogs In Hot Water


You don’t have to have studied economics to know that scarcity drives up value. A sip of water for someone parched in the desert is immensely more valuable than the same sip of water at the end of a meal at a white tablecloth restaurant where an attentive waiter refills your glass constantly. Is love any different? A single gesture of kindness or expression of love in a flowing stream of affection goes all but unnoticed. The value of that same gesture in a love-deprived environment, however, is immeasurable.

Using Love to Control

Because human beings value love, sociopaths often use love or the promise of love to control and weaken others emotionally. This happened to me and is chronicled in my book  Husband, Liar, Sociopath: How He Lied, Why I Fell For It & The Painful Lessons Learned (available via Amazon.com).

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The Road: A woman’s journey through domestic abuse

Road in forest

Photo by Ian L, freerangestock.com

Editor’s note: The following was written by a Lovefraud reader.

By Cynthia Creswell

I took the road that shouldn’t be traveled, so alluring was this path! Decadent flowers framed the entrance, the sweet smells of their majestic perfume luring me in, dripping with promises. The trees’ flowering branches beckoned me in as though the crook of a finger, enticing me to enjoy its nectar.

I listened to the call as it promised me things it knew I wanted; the soft, lush grass under my feet as to make my journey easier, the promise of sunshine to warm my soul, the glistening of dew covered foliage to pleasure my eyes and cool my brow… ‘Come here to rest’ it beckoned, ‘let me care for you.’ Unable to resist its promises I stepped through the door and entered its world, knowing in the recesses of my mind that no road is ever perfect. But the sun did indeed feel warm, the grasses like velvet. And I danced and sang as a child, grateful to have taken this direction, caught in the moment of bliss. ‘You are perfect‘ it whispered. And I flourished.

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Wendy Maldonado to be released after serving 10 years for killing abusive husband

Wendy Maldonado

Wendy Maldonado (WendyMaldonado.com)

Wendy Maldonado will soon be released from prison after serving 10 years in an Oregon prison for killing her abusive husband. People Magazine recently interviewed her.

Aaron Maldonado had repeatedly beaten his wife and their four sons. According to People:

The judge who sentenced Wendy described what she — and her four sons — had endured as “the worst case of domestic violence that any of us has seen.”

The judge sentenced her anyway.

Wendy had planned to kill her husband and take the blame, but her oldest son, Randy, who was 16 at the time, insisted on helping her. Randy served six years for his part in the action.

The author of the article wonders how someone can be as mean-natured as Aaron Maldonado was. The answer is simple — the guy was a complete psychopath.

Read an excerpt of the article online:

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The 5 Step Exit — How to leave your sociopathic partner

Five Step ExitBook Review: The Five Step Exit — The skills you need to leave a narcissist, psychopath or other toxic partner and recover your happiness now, by Amber Ault, Ph.D.

It’s the New Year. Did you make a New Year’s resolution to really, finally, emphatically, get out of your toxic relationship, once and for all?

If your answer is yes, or even if you’re still just thinking about putting an end to the madness, you need this book:

The Five Step Exit

The skills you need to leave a narcissist, psychopath or other toxic partner and recover your happiness now, by Amber Ault, Ph.D.

In this slim, wonderful book, Dr. Ault promises to take you, step by step, through the process of disengaging from an abusive partner — and she delivers. This is the most clear, concise and helpful “how to” for breaking away from a toxic person that I have ever read.

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Woman, 22, fakes terminal cancer to manipulate her lecturer, costing the woman her money, job and marriage

Elisa Bianco

Elisa Bianco was jailed for scamming her lecturer. (Facebook)

In a shocking story from the United Kingdom, Elisa Bianco, 22, of Fowey, Cornwall, created a bogus sob story about dying of cancer to manipulate her female lecturer, Sally Rettallack.

Bianco kept the ruse going for four years, eventually costing Rettallack thousands of pounds, her job, and even her marriage.

Then, after Rettallack’s husband left, Bianco set her up online with a “recently widowed” doctor — who didn’t exist.

Bianco was sentenced to two years and eight months in prison. Her disgusted father said she deserves to be punished.

Scheming student faked terminal cancer and cost her college tutor her marriage, home and job, on TheSun.co.uk.

Dad of lying student jailed for wrecking caring lecturer’s life says daughter “deserves to be punished,” on Mirror.co.uk.

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This Year There’s a Parasitic Sociopath without a Host

Weak Parasite, Strong Host

One of my old friends said she saw SP still showing up to our old church.  She said that he didn’t look attractive anymore and looks like he’s lost himself.  I thought to myself, well he lost his HOST, that’s why; well all the while, I feel great!  My health is improving, I’m eating well, sleeping well, it’s amazing.

I made my way out,  and I will continue to take whatever steps necessary to maintain that no contact.  I am now almost 2 years post divorce, and a year and a half of no contact.  Usually at the end of the year, there is a reflective time of that previous year, but for me, I am reflecting on when I first decided to move out of my house with my daughter, and finally began to get the strength to leave the SP.