Donna Andersen explains sociopaths on Blog Talk Radio

This week, in recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, I appeared on the Blog Talk Radio show, Golden Life Living with Charise. 

In this 43-minute interview, I explained some of the Red Flags of Love Fraud — the warning signs of sociopathic behavior. I also discussed typical sociopathic strategies for undermining their targets and the best way to avoid these predators.


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  1. shiningstar says:

    thank you so much Donna, I love anything you do or write. Have all your books and they really helped me, and love getting these emails. Know you make a difference and really help people

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  2. shiningstar says:

    how I wish I would have known this information years ago. Soo glad you are spreading this knowledge. Especially those of brought up in Christianity, we were taught that everyone is good, and you should just try harder

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