10 Reasons why sociopaths really are losers

Pimp con man 200x300If you’re struggling to get over an encounter with a sociopath — whether a romantic relationship or some other involvement — keep this in mind: They are losers.

They are not worth any emotional energy that you are spending on them, or any pain that you feel. Here’s 10 reasons why:

 1 Sociopaths cannot love the way you do

The root of serious personality disorders — antisocial, narcissistic, borderline and psychopathy — is an impaired ability to love. These people cannot feel empathy like you do. They are not interested in caregiving – a critical component of real love. People diagnosed as antisocials or  psychopaths are not capable of love at all.

2. Sociopaths cannot be trusted

What do sociopaths really want in life? Power and control. Their objective is always to win – whatever that may look like at the moment. So they always have an ulterior motive, and for that reason, can never be trusted.

3. Sociopaths are empty inside

They have no real passion. Oh, they may have temporary obsessions, but they do not care deeply about any person, thing, place or ideal. Without any real depth, they are caricatures of human beings, cardboard cut-outs, creatures without substance.

4. Sociopaths have no real friends

They have minions. They have co-conspirators. They have dupes. But because of items 1, 2 and 3 above, sociopaths do not have friends. They really are alone in the world. It’s sad.

5. Sociopaths have no real family

Yes, they have parents, spouses, children and relatives (possibly including you), but no one involved will feel a sense of family. The sociopath will just take advantage of relatives, and any relatives who are not themselves disordered will feel abused.

6. Sociopaths’ schemes fall apart

They’re always coming up with get-rich-quick schemes, grandiose plans that depend on other people’s money. Sometimes the plans never get off the ground. Sometimes they get started, and then sputter to a halt. Sooner or later, sociopathic schemes usually fail.

7. Sociopaths have financial problems

Even when they have a job or profession, they often have financial problems. They get fired. They lose contracts. They get sued. But often when there’s a money crisis, other people pay, not them.

8. Sociopaths have legal problems

Many sociopaths are criminals. In fact the definitions of antisocial personality disorder and psychopathy refer to criminal behavior. But even those who aren’t arrested for crimes are frequently involved lawsuits, divorces and child custody battles. None of this really bothers the sociopaths, but it will bother you.

9. Sociopaths crash and burn

Sociopaths may race along for awhile, living on the edge – maybe even for years. But at some point, their unconscionable behavior tends to catch up with them. Their financial empires collapse. They end up estranged from everyone in their lives. They may finally be arrested. Sooner or later, for many sociopaths, it all falls apart.

10. Sociopaths tend to die earlier

Promiscuous sex, drugs, crime, violence – this is how many sociopaths live. Whether it’s health problems, accidents from risky behavior or angering the wrong person, many sociopaths end up dead. And those who don’t may suffer a lonely old age. If anyone takes care of them, it’s because of a sense of duty, although I don’t think it’s warranted.

If you’re struggling to break the bonds you feel with a sociopath, refer to this list. Really, they are not worth the aggravation.

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  1. Sunnygal says:

    Sandra Brown will be on Flourish (Hay House Radio Show) with Dr. Christine Northrop, dec. 14, morning, ‘Making life easy: relationships’. Check local station. Also later on archives.

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  2. Sunnygal says:

    I did something today that reminded me of the recent psychopath but I was O.K.

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  3. Sunnygal says:

    In her book ‘Women who love psychopaths’, Sandra Brown describes 5 kinds of psychopaths- paranoid, schizoid, aggressive-explosive anger, destructive, swindler, sexual-often well educated, good job, distortion of impulses. I had a distant relationship with a sexual ppath and a recent relationship with an aggressive ppath. If you were involved with a ppath, what type was he.

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  4. Sunnygal says:

    A friend in VA was just warned by her nice neighbor that her new female neighbor is a sociopath. Good she was warned.

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  5. Sunnygal says:

    I was stalked by a female neighbor who thought there was a relationship. There was none. It stopped eventually but she still comes by ocassionally. Some hang on.

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  6. Sunnygal says:

    Today I briefly saw the aggressive psychopath after a year and a month. As soon as I recognized him I moved away but I was not affected as I was before. Knowing that he is a person with a personality disorder whose brain is different has definitely helped.

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  7. mzpris15 says:

    Hi. I haven’t talked to you ladies in a while. Last time i wrote i said i started seeing someone. I found out that i was way more hurt and distrustful than i thought. I basically freaked out when i heard from him in a couple of days and he was just sick. Luckily we have known each other a long time and he knows what this person put me through. I never realized how this person destroyed my trust. I have another male friend that i go do things with and did the same thing.

    On another note while looking back i figured out the reason my relationship was so awful. My ex didn’t even like me. His just kept me around for his amusement. What an awful person. But i do miss the person that he portrayed to be. I don’t believe he can ever be this person or Maybe he can but just not with me…

    I keep working on moving back to my home state of Florida. 2000 away from this awful place. It’s not just him it’s the people. They are so rude and unfriendly. I need to go back to the south. We talk slower and have manners and make better tea. Please pray that on mu trip in March i am able to find a place i can afford. I think once i go home life will be so much better…

    Thanks for listening cause i don’t have anyone else. I hope ya’ll are doing well

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