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‘Psychopath’ restaurateur Joshua Woodward sentenced for slipping his girlfriend an abortion pill

Joshua Woodward

Joshua Woodward

Joshua Woodward, who owned restaurants in Manhattan, Los Angeles and South Beach, was sentenced to nine years in prison for killing his girlfriend’s unborn child by slipping her misoprostol, an early-term abortion drug.

In her emotional victim impact statement, Gail Greaves, the girlfriend, said, “Do you not understand that you are a textbook psychopath? Do you really not understand what you’ve done to me, yourself, your family? You took my choice away.”

‘Do you understand that you are a textbook psychopath?’ Woman hits out as her restaurateur-ex is sentenced to nine years in prison for slipping her an abortion pill when she was pregnant, on DailyMail.co.uk.

How Sociopaths Fool You Into Thinking They’re You’re Friend


Chapter 4
Richard Parker Is Not Your Friend

Psychopathic expert Kent Kiehl has contributed enormously to the field. He says that every adult psychopath he has ever worked with was different as a child, and not in a good way. When he looks through their prison files, he finds all kinds of stories about how much trouble they caused, how they never connected with friends, how they didn’t join teams, and how they were ultimately the black sheep of their families.

Sounds like what you would expect, right? A psychopath is not and never was your friend.

Here’s my issue. Kiehl works with prisoners.

Prisoners have been caught.

And so when you believe him—which is likely, since he’s an expert—and assume that all psychopaths have been caught causing trouble all their lives, then you are going to be wide open to the psychopaths who were darling children. Whose family photo album would show a smiling young charmer standing in front of a trophy case. Whose darker activities were never detected.

After A Relationship With A Sociopath/ Psychopath, Finding The Right Support Can Be Challenging


SlippingGetting out of a relationship with a sociopath can be dangerous, draining, and confusing. For me, and I’m guessing for many others, this can be exacerbated by the fact that finding the right support during this vulnerable time can be difficult.

Finding The Right Therapist

There was virtually nothing left of me after almost two decades of being unwittingly married to a sociopath –chronic, subtle criticism; gaslighting; isolation; blaming; triangulating, intermittent love/affection, etc.

To weaken me further so that he could prevail in our divorce, my then husband started using full frontal assaults as well—verbal abuse, financial terrorism (pretending he could no longer draw a salary from his business; draining accounts; cancelling credit cards; etc.);contacting my parents and lying to them about me; threatening me; the list goes on.

LETTER TO LOVEFRAUD: I was his “front” — no one would believe he was hiring hookers

empty room


Editor’s note: The following story was submitted by the Lovefraud reader who posts as “stillinshock.”

I was going through a horrendous divorce with a man I had a child with when the predator struck. I was in a vulnerable position, scared to death by the man I was divorcing who was threatening to take my children, my home, my freedom and my life.

My spath was a retired cop. Swooped in playing the knight in shining armor (boy, I am sure he could smell the blood in the water). He was friendly, charming, and could tell stories and entertain for hours. EVERYONE liked him.

I wasn’t looking to date … I was going through a divorce, but he came highly recommended by mutual friends, and I started to think along the lines of “maybe this is my reward for going through hell. Finally, a good guy, and he can help keep me and the kids safe!”

Kenyan con man trolls bars to find info on rich, single women

African womanThe Star in Kenya reported the sad but familiar story of a con man who preyed on rich, young women.

This guy visited clubs looking for women who were driving luxury cars and buying expensive liquor. Then he befriended bartenders to learn more about the women, and made himself into the Prince Charming that they were looking for.

One woman, called “Alice,” met him in church — which he joined after she posted pictures of her church meetings on Facebook. He slowly ingratiated himself.

And then he disappeared, taking Sh5 million of her money (5 million Kenyan shillings, or almost $49,000).

Love fraud: How women get conned in the name of love, on The-Star.co.ke.

These con men are everywhere.



The top 5 brazen lies your psychopathic partner tells you

When you become romantically involved with a psychopath, he or she will be lying to you from the very beginning or your involvement, although you won’t realize it right away.

Eventually, you may start catching inconsistencies, like he said he was here, and now he’s saying he was there. Or she said she did this, and now she says she did that.

You’ll shrug your shoulders, assuming that you misunderstood. Or, you’ll ask for clarification — which your partner will answer with more lies, although you won’t realize that either.

So you may recognize that your partner exaggerates, or likes to spin stories, or even offers contradictory explanations. But you probably won’t spot the really big lies, the statements that you change your life for, statements that are totally false.

Here they are:

The sociopath said he’d pay me back from his Mexican inheritance

Spath TalesEditor’s note: Lovefraud received the following story from a reader whom we’ll call “Petula.”

I met him online in July 2014, fell hard and fast and moved in two weeks later.

In September he spoke to me about an inheritance that he hadn’t claimed in Mexico after his parents’ deaths in 2009. It included a million dollar property and a huge bank account. I was shocked.

We were engaged in December 2014 in Las Vegas and supposed to move to Mexico City in February to take care of all the paperwork and get a better evaluation on the house, as well as remove personal belongings.

He promised me he would care for me and protect me, make sure I would always have the best medical treatments, etc. I quit my job of 10 years and prepared for a new life.

There are Degrees of Conscience and Empathy


Hello. I’m Helen Beverly, an author and psychotherapist who writes under the name H.G. Beverly. I was married to a psychopath for over a decade and am still dealing with the challenges of raising our children “together” in a society that struggles to deal with psychopathy. I’ve written some posts about those challenges that you can find archived here on Lovefraud. Also, I published my memoir, The Other Side of Charm, in 2014 and am now releasing my next book one chapter at a time. You can find it here and on my blog at hgbeverly.com. It’s called My Ex is a Psychopath, But I Am Strong and Free.

This book details my healing journey despite failed systems that left me in constant contact with my ex. I talk about how I learned to manage the situation and how I have recovered peace and happiness despite obstacles. Look for a new chapter here each week on Fridays. Here is the third chapter.

Amber Ault, Ph.D., MSW: Rollercoaster Relationship Recovery Teleseminar Begins January 26, 2016. Registration is open!

Amber AultWhen people contact me — whether locally or from someplace else in the world — it’s because they are hurting over a toxic relationship and need relief. In addition to needing help and healing and support and guidance around their difficult relationship with a person who may have a personality disorder, they usually have questions like these:

  • Am I seeing my partner clearly?
  • How can I make sense of what is happening here?
  • If my partner has a personality disorder, can it get better? Can I help them get better?
  • What do I need to know about personality disorders?
  • How could they have a disorder if they were so wonderful to me at the beginning? Doesn’t that mean they just don’t love me anymore?
  • Do they know they are manipulating me, or is this all unintentional?
  • How can I interact with them in ways that make the situation better for me?

Why No Contact With A Sociopath Is So Important

Don't Feed The Animals

Healing from a relationship with a sociopath is hard, often brutally hard. Don’t add to that by being hard on yourself if your own path is filled with dark days and setbacks–even setbacks you may have caused by diverting from a path of “no contact.” We are human. We are imperfect. Seek support from those who understand and will not judge. It’s okay. All we can ever do in life is to move forward.

No Contact/No Emotion

Yet, as soon as possible, no contact with a sociopath is important. If no contact isn’t possible for legal, custody or other reasons, keeping the contact minimal and totally devoid of emotion is critical.

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