Man bravely tells story of child abuse and domestic violence

Waqas Jilani, a Lovefraud reader, is a survivor of both child abuse and domestic violence. From personal experience, he knows that the abuse he endured as a child made him susceptible to further victimization as an adult. He bravely tells his story:

Victim shares tale of child abuse, domestic violence, on CandGNews.com.


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  1. LadyA says:

    I have actually started reading a book that was reviewed some time ago on this site- Alice Miller’s The Truth Will Set You Free.

    The topic of this brought tears to my eyes. It clicked, many more pieces of the puzzle found. Though I never really suffered any “abuse” or massive “trauma” as a child that I recall, I do know I was raised by a family that guilted me into things. I love my family, don’t get me wrong. My mother would use guilt tactics and fear tactics to get us to behave as children. I wouldn’t dare act out because I was afraid my mom would get mad or I would disappoint her. I now see that I react like that in 90% of any social interactions to this day. It is a big reason why I reacted to the spath the way I did. My mind and body have been conditioned to react that way since I was a child. A source of defense from the stress of displeasing someone. It’s not that it was directly “harmful” to me, but it has negatively impacted my life. I know my mom didn’t mean any ill doing by it, she was just raised to think that a strick parent will raise a good addition to society. Will continue reading but it really has opened my eyes.

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  2. LadyA – thank you so much for your observation. This is what we are all striving for – finding our beliefs, no matter where they came from, that no longer serve us, and changing them. So many of these beliefs we just absorbed. It’s important to look at how we look at things, and determine whether our views are skewed and need to be released.

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