Conflict of interest in Connecticut family court

Last week Anne Stevenson, a Lovefraud reader, contributed and article to the Washington Times outlining a web of  improper relationships among judges and family court service providers in Connecticut.

CT court employees face tough questions over conflicts of interest in WashingtonTimes.com.


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  1. Anne – thank you so much for this report. It is an important story that needs to be told.

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  2. I heard from Anne Stevenson, the author of the article. She will be on the radio tomorrow talking about corruption in the Connecticut family court. Here’s her email:

    Please join me tomorrow, June 7th at 4pm on WRKO where I will be a featured guest on the Howie Carr Show talking about corruption in the Connecticut courts. You can listen on line or on the radio, and you should feel free to show your support by sending messages and calling in during the broadcast. Ideally, other news outlets will hear the broadcast and pick up the story, and WRKO will bring me back to talk about the crisis in CT.

    That said, I want to make it clear that this is not about tearing down the system, but proving solutions that I hope will improve the courts for both litigants and the majority of honest judicial branch employees who are not involved with corruption who deserve better.

    Howie Carr’s show is broadcast all over New England, including CT, and is the #1 radio talk show. Here is the link to the show:

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  3. raggedy ann says:

    Donna, are these the same characters as a previous story you posted here?
    I seem to remember one about a parent who was getting essentially bankrupted because they themselves were forced to finance this nonsense. It was deplorable. I don’t remember if it was CT or somewhere else.

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