Another custody battle, another murder

Christine Belford was shot dead in a Delaware courthouse by her former father-in-law, Thomas Matusiewicz. David Matusiewicz, Belford’s ex-husband and father of their three children, had previously had his parental rights terminated after kidnapping the children and taking them to Nicaragua.

Documents hint at wider conspiracy in Delaware courthouse shooting, on Philly.com.

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  1. Radar_On says:

    Words fail me on this one! Just ughhhhhhhhh., smh. šŸ™

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  2. Ox Drover says:

    When Liane Leedom put up the article about Dr. Amy Castillo’s warning the judge her x would kill the kids, and he DID kill the children on the first unsupervised visit just to SPITE his x wife, I thought “oh, that must be so RARE” but it isn’t really “rate” it is inn fact fairly common if you watch the news for such events. Breaks my heart too. We must have CHILDREN’s RIGHTS not parents “rights”

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  3. Louise says:

    And how about the grandmother who killed her two little grandsons yesterday and then committed suicide?

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  4. Ox Drover says:

    I think I read where she had “mental health issues” so she may not have been totally responsible, but doesn’t bring the kids back.

    These others seem to be totally psychopaths. (head shaking here) and it is so very sad.

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  5. A woman who arrived in court for a custody hearing was shot dead by her former father in law. Now her ex-husband, his mother and his sister have been found guilty of cyber stalking.

    Delaware jury: Court Gunman’s 3 relatives guilty of cyberstalking


    Link supplied by a Lovefraud reader.

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