Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair charged with sex abuse and threats

A female Army captain testified against her former superior, Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair of the 82nd Airborne Division, detailing how he abused and  tried to control her. Prosecutors say Sinclair was involved with five different women. Lovefraud readers will recognize the descriptions of his behavior.

Jeffrey Sinclair Trial: Sex Crime Victim Says U.S. Army General Threatened To Kill Her, on HuffingtonPost.com.

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  1. callmeathena says:


    You are SO right – whomever said it – spaths never do anything to help somebody else, or for their benefit. EVER.

    If they do anything, it is with manipulative intent.

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  2. Truthspeak says:

    Athena, I wish that I could find the comment to copy/paste that pretty much said that spaths do NOTHING to assist others and that they don’t just want to “WIN,” but that they want to bury their targets. That made SO much sense when I read it that it pretty much put the brakes on the Anxiety Train and caused me to stop and think, rather than REact.


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