Disarray in the DSM-5

The American Psychiatric Association is in the process of updating its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, the DSM-5. This is the “bible” used by psychiatrists and other mental health professionals to diagnosis psychiatric conditions, including antisocial personality disorder. Two members of the committee working on personality disorders have resigned, stating that the proposal displays a “stunning disregard for evidence.”

Dr. Liane Leedom and I had issues with how the first draft described antisocial personality disorder, which was why we conducted a Lovefraud survey back in 2010. Based on the survey results, we submitted Lovefraud’s  comment about sociopaths for the DSM-5. The description was since revised, but apparently there are professionals who are still dissatisfied.

If the professionals can’t agree, no wonder the rest of us are confused.

Two who resigend from DSM-5 explain why, on PyschologyToday.com.

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  1. Sunflower says:

    I know, I’m just sad I have to cut down even more. AND how can I be so farking gullible? I know what she’s doing and yet… I’m just shaking my head.
    They seem to be everywhere… and I haven’t learned my lesson of the word NO.

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  2. Louise says:


    I am doing better at the moment. Thanks for asking. The No Contact helps to make the memories fade away. It’s hard to let go, but let go I (we) must. It’s almost harder to let go of something that was never real.

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  3. Louise says:


    Great post about spaths and how they deal with their emotions. Thank you.

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  4. Sunflower says:


    I’m glad to read you are doing much better 🙂

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