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Poetry—during and after the sociopath

Editor’s note: The following poems were sent to Lovefraud by the reader who goes by “Gia Rad.” She describes herself as a “recovering people-pleaser, ex-victim, natural health practitioner, mother and survivor.”

Positive …
by Gia Rad

Today, I feel positive.
Positive that a new era is emerging
And I’ve left behind for good the hell I once lived with you.
Positive that not every day and night is a nightmare in disguise.
Today, I choose to smile at the rainbow
And stand defiantly in the pouring rain
As I’m positive, for the first time in … forever
That I’ve survived what many don’t, and will even blossom with time.
Positive that I’ve learned to avoid your type
And keep myself away from the evil lurking in the darkness of your soul.
Penniless I am, emotionally impoverished yes, I admit
Yet POSITIVE I’ve gained my strength … and tomorrow I’ll show the world
I’ve learned … To love and trust myself again.

You’ll see that Positive is proof I’m getting better — particularly in contrast to an earlier poem called Life

by Gia Rad

“Life” has dealt me a fatal blow
and I’m lying here dying …
On my deathbed I write to say
That “Life” is code for You.
Didn’t know that giving you my heart would cost my life
Had no idea that your vampire self would drink my blood.
Good bye my former friend and lover
Farewell, to the one who never deserved a moment of my time.

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  1. shane says:

    The Bells-the Moon and the Lie ~

    Six twelve six
    Full as I see through the limbs and leaves
    That which shone bright as thee
    This way the illusion appeared to me

    Six twelve six
    Dubious tricks the mind he plays
    Into the shimmering moonlit haze
    In malice he walks his blinded lover

    Six twelve six
    The farce calls to his lover “the bells”
    Boundless faith in beauty lies
    At dawn she leaves his thickened guise

    Six twelve six
    Night of many moonlit kisses
    Wounded by her happiness
    His evil hidden, shone

    Six twelve six
    All in a moonlit night
    Child of scorn hath built the illusion
    “Fare thee well”, she cries

    Shane (aka CLI)

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