Dead soldier’s photos on dating site

The headline on a dating website profile was “Military man searching for love.” The photo showed U.S. Army Lt. Peter Burks. The problem—Burks was killed in Iraq in 2007, and now his parents are suing PlentyofFish.com and True.com.

Read: Vancouver-based PlentyofFish sued over ads with photos of dead U.S. soldier on Ca.News.Yahoo.com.

Here’s the ultimate irony: True.com claims to conduct criminal and marital background checks on all of its members. Apparently, the checks aren’t very thorough.

Read: Lying, cheating and online dating on Lovefraud.com/blog.

Link supplied by a Lovefraud reader.

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  1. behind_blue_eyes says:


    While I am not quite as extreme regarding your position on internet dating, I do agree it is perfect “hunting grounds” for sociopaths and other toxic individuals and anyone using the internet to date should proceed very cautiously. Do a “background” check — a simple Googling of a profile name can turn up important bits of information about a person and sociopaths are often not good at coving their tracks. This was certainly the case with my x-spath…

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