Dogs in the courthouse

Courts around the country are employing service dogs to help calm witnesses—especially children—who face the ordeal of testifying. This is the best idea I’ve heard in a long time.

Read Dogs ease trauma of testifying on Philly.com.

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  1. dancingnancies says:

    Wonderful. Excellent idea. Like guardian angels.

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  2. Ox Drover says:

    Therapy dogs are wonderful in a large range of situations, I am so glad that this one has started and I hope the trend continues to every court house in the nation!

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  3. Near says:

    They had tons of dogs in the hospitals I stayed at. They ALWAYS helped and had proper training, so they were very sweet. The kids and nurses would talk about them even after they left, and that would usually help shy kids open up with the other kids and nurses. Great idea!

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