More psychopath cartoons

Two Lovefraud readers have created animations related to their experiences with psychopaths. They’re posted on YouTube. Take a look—you’ll certainly be able to relate!

But I love you—daily psychopath talk
By Openeyefilms

Be a warrior NOT a psychopath
By Sarah Strudwick

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  1. skylar says:

    EB!!! Rock on!
    you’re out there swinging at the P’s and knocking them out.
    Do you make sure you use the S and P words liberally? but judiciously too.

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  2. ErinBrock says:

    Mohamad EB here…..put up yer dukes…..Dance like a butterfly swing like a BEE!
    Yes Sky…..you know, we can’t just throw those words around like punches.
    I eek the words in, right when I sense I got em listening and NOT when they are processing what just happened to them! It opens up the dialoge immediately and then they start the relate part of the conversation.

    Doing this is the ‘interest’ on his debt to me.
    Informing others is a payment on his debt to society.


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  3. Ox Drover says:

    Well, with Son D gone for the month I had a few extra megabites and looked at the cartoons, they are a hoot! LOL

    I love the mechanical voice….someone sent me one about a Borderline PD coming the the ER wanting drugs one night that was a hoot too.

    Yep, I loved the one of the guy in the fight with the gf over his “Not cheating” and the gaslighting he was doing! GREAT DIALOG! LOL

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  4. Nikky says:

    It made me cry …1st cartoon. great cartoon.thx

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