Now, more SEAL impostors than ever

On Lovefraud’s Is he or she military? page, we state that 11,000 soldiers actually completed Navy SEAL training, but fraud busters have found more than 35,000 fake SEALs. Now that Navy SEALs have taken out Osama Bin Laden, there are even more frauds, including a pastor from central Pennsylvania. Don Shipley, a real ex-SEAL who exposes the fakes, says it’s not unusual to find members of the clergy pretending to be former SEALs:

“It’s something with these guys who are in a position of trust that causes a lot of them to do it,” he said. “The fact that they are in a position where whatever comes out of their mouth is believed — I think that causes some of them to take advantage.”

Shipley has the cause-and-effect backwards — these frauds are in positions of trust because they can convince people to believe their lies.

Read After Bin Laden raid, fake Navy SEALs are ‘Coming out of the woodwork,’ says watchdog on ABCNews.go.com.

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  1. Ox Drover says:

    My tomato plants are doing well…..and I actually found the neatest rocks covered with gray moss and lichens out in the woods to put next to my plants and herb garden….

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  2. Ana says:

    I like to use the flat gray rocks for hot stone massage, they hold the heat well and don’t burn the client or my hands. So many uses for gray rocks! They sure do come in handy…

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  3. one/joy_step_at_a_time says:

    y’all – i am not blind; i made a conscious choice.

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  4. Hope to heal says:

    One/Joy ~ I hear you, and I agree. I don’t think even castration would work for the male pedophile. Perhaps lobotomy?? I dunno. I just don’t think that there is a cure for those sick, twisted @%$?*&\\.

    I believe that there is a special place in HELL reserved for them.

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  5. skylar says:


    For all of us who didn’t have decent moms:
    a beautiful song by Sinead O’Conner.

    This is to mother you
    To comfort you and get you through
    Through when your nights are lonely
    Through when your dreams are only blue
    This is to mother you
    This is to be with you
    To hold you and to kiss you too
    For when you need me I will do
    What your own mother didn’t do
    Which is to mother you
    All the pain that you have known
    All the violence in your soul
    All the ‘wrong’ things you have done
    I will take from you when I come
    All mistakes made in distress
    All your unhappiness
    I will take away with my kiss, yes
    I will give you tenderness
    For child I am so glad I’ve found you
    Although my arms have always been around you
    Sweet bird although you did not see me
    I saw you
    And I’m here to mother you
    To comfort you and get you through
    Through when your nights are lonely
    Through when your dreams are only blue
    This is to mother you

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  6. Hens says:

    nice song sky – well I am a rock collector, big rocks, little rocks, grey, brown, black or blue. Our state rock is the rose rock, they are red and look like roses, some look like crystal. I have paved paths with flat rocks, steppin stones, my gardens, my ponds are full of rocks.
    And then there is my passion for bricks, I never pass up a brick, I have bricked patio’s, paths that go through the woods made with old bricks, new bricks. Bricks and rocks are like Lego’s for me, give me a pile of rocks or bricks and I am a happy camper. Potted plants? well I make a living with potted plant, most go in the ground and the pot’s are stacked up in piles out behind my barn, I re-use them to start new potted plants. So my point is I love gray rocks and potted plants, I just dont sleep with em anymore….

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  7. Ox Drover says:

    Hens, I love rocks too, and in my wild flower garden son D and I have collected rocks—rocks from the back of the farm, and rocks from trips we have taken…petrified wood, fossil rocks, crystal, odd shaped or colored ones, red ones, white ones, ones covered in moss and lichens, and pieces of turtle rock. My front walk to the door from the driveway is paved with stepping stones, huge one, and my front porch actually is huge odd shaped rocks put together like a jigsaw puzzle rather than squared up. It is unlevel but easy to walk on…and makes my little brown house in the hole in the woods look like it was just grown here. Over the door is a long horned cow skull in a single ox yoke, and a sign over the door that is printed on old barn wood that says “kicking ass freight company” and a 36 star US flag that is 4×5 ft. beside the door. The 36 star flag is the one after Arkansas became a state in 1836. Bent willow arm chairs made out of willow branches provide seating for relaxing there in the evenings. I also have two potted plants there….an aloe plant (a big un) and a “Christmas cactus” that ALWAYS blooms in June.

    I really love my little gardens…my walks, and the peace here…though right now at night I can hear the sounds of gas wells being drilled like the background noise of a freeway.

    Anyway, I just take my hearing aids out and then I can’t hear the drilling. LOL There are some advantages to getting old…with the hearing aids out you don’t have to listen to things you don’t want to hear, and with my eyes going back, When I take my specks off I can’t see the wrinkles in my face when I look in the mirror. That’s why I try to keep my glasses off when I am around a mirror. God is Good, he makes our eyes go back as soon as we start getting wrinkles to see. LOL

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