French aristocrat sought in murders of wife, kids and dogs

Authorities are searching for Xavier Dupont de Ligonnes throughout Provence, the French Riviera and northern Italy. The bullet-ridden bodies of his wife, four children and two Labradors were found stuffed into sacks and buried in the garden of the family home in Nantes, France.

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Story supplied by a Lovefraud reader.

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  1. nolarn2bcop says:

    Oxy-no kidding. Darwinsmom asked for background on what was going on with her. The Sky posted that she read it and said she’s a spath. All freakin day I kept comparing her to ex boyfriend and how they are SO similar in behavior and it was wierding me out. Then I was comparing her to the girl that I dated before ex boyfriend, who was totally N and it was getting to me really bad. Now I have to gray rock big time.

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  2. darwinsmom says:

    Yeah, it was an eye-opener… for me as well, nolarn

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