Mothers’ rally in Michigan on Tuesday, May 10

American Mother’s Political Party Hosts FREEDOM OF SPEECH Rally at the Michigan State Capitol on Tuesday, May 10, 2011 from 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

It is well known that domestic violence is a terrible epidemic that affects millions of women regardless of social class, economic status, level of education, ethnicity or race. But what is not well known – and outrageous – is that on top of the abuse they have suffered at home, many of these women are also victimized by our family court system.

Despite some new protections patched into family law for victims of violence against women, the family law and family court system remain a flawed and risky venue for victims of family violence. It’s especially risky for victims who present claims of violence and abuse in family court without any criminal case documents to back up those claims.

The structure and powers of the family court system are radically different from the criminal system. By understanding these differences, victims and advocates can minimize the risks of family court, and get the best of each system to work for them.

Why are our children being forced to go with known abusers? PARENTS Rights should NOT come before CHILDRENS Rights or the safety of a child! All we have to do is look at the news and there is a new tragedy that took place, a child murdered, often CPS and the Family Courts were involved. When will we as parents stand up and fight back to protect our children? We have to show the legislatures that Michigan’s Children are in grave danger, that the laws need to be looked at and changes made where needed.

March with us at the Capitol and together we can be the voices for our children on May 10th. For more information contact  momzillakidzilla@gmail.com.

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  1. Ox Drover says:

    Annie and BloggerT—thank you both for wonderful posts and points on which to ponder. You both contribute so much to LF, thank you!

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  2. skylar says:

    well said. I’d like emphasize your last point. “… it is OUR lazy thinking, blindness, and unwillingness to see the truth for what it is that keeps the cycle going.”

    That’s called enabling.

    and the pattern IS obvious, but painful to admit to ourselves. We are trained (by psychopaths and narcissists) to feel guilty when not enabling them. So we become guilty by trying not to FEEL guilty. No matter what, we end up guilty.

    The only way out is THROUGH the pain.

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  3. one/joy_step_at_a_time says:

    Annie – lovely lovely post!

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  4. BloggerT7165 says:

    Thank you Annie and Oxy.

    Annie you are so very right. Stereotypes place limitations on us which make it difficult to relate to others as complex beings rather than as caricatures. Many people often give pause and think twice before making judgments about someone based on income, ethnicity, or religious affiliation. Which makes me wonder why so many people are not that way when it comes to gender stereotypes?

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