The executive sociopath

Today, the Philadelphia Inquirer published an in-depth article about Carl Greene’s reign of terror as executive director of the Philadelphia Housing Authority. It’s a classic illustration of an executive sociopath.

Read At PHA: Humiliation, groping, banishment—Ex-employees and others describe a fiefdom of abuse under Carl Greene at Philly.com.

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  1. ErinBrock says:


    ” always the victim”
    Poor me, poor me…..

    Interesting that he feels his rep is only worth 600K.

    They do go the length don’t they.

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  2. kim frederick says:

    What a worthless scumbag! Knows he’s corrupt, knows he’s done wrong, but will use any loophole, any opportunity to WIN.

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  3. Ox Drover says:

    Well, it is very difficult to “UN-ring a bell” and his “reputation” such as it was, HAS BEEN RUINED, there’s no doubt of that.

    When the TRUTH is exposed about these people it DOES tend to RUIN their reputation….but you heard it here first gang! I think he will posture and huff and puff, and try to get a settlement or an napology but I don’t think he or his high profile land shark want THIS story to go to court!@

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  4. kim frederick says:

    I’ll give him an napology…Oxy let me borrow your skillet…bam, sweet dreams jerk.

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  5. ErinBrock says:

    Ya see…..if they slime on through a loophole and win….
    SOCIETY will believe he was a victim.

    They have nothing else to lose……and everything to gain.

    Our legal system is full of holes….and they are all plugged up by spaths trying to fit through em.

    my spath is doing is as we speak…..funny enough….he’s under court order to stay in xx state currently…..I just got an alert he’s due to leave for HI on the 12th for 2 months.
    I KNOW he’s got a drug harvest there….and he’s continueing his activities…..but he’s figurieng the court in VV state isn’t gonna find out he’s in HI. IF EB KNOWS…..the court will know!
    EB’s on a mission to plug any hole in the system he comes into contact with.

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  6. The saga continues:

    Carl Greene hired a private investigator to follow the assistant of former Philadelphia mayor John Street, who is chairman of the PHA board of directors.


    PHA Board Chairman John Street accuses Carl Greene of a full-blown coverup.


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  7. Ox Drover says:

    Donna, when you think you have seen a “professional psychopath” get as low as they can go, this guy makes you think “Nah, he can’t go any lower” but Carl Green DOES GO LOWER!!!!! LOL

    Maybe he needs to run for office. Senator, governor, or even President! He has all the qualification of Blogo and Bill Clinton and the five other governors I know who have either left office or been thrown out, and the members of congress now under investigation for wrongful acts and ethics violations. He’s right up there with’em!

    Don’t you think he’d fit right in with the elected “leaders” ? LOL ROTFLMAO

    But they all make me grind my teeth, so far I have ground off about $10K worth of crowns and don’t have much more to go before they start calling me what they call an old cow who has worn down all her teeth to the gums, “smooth-mouthed.”

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