Jury says Australian man pushed his rich wife off a cliff

This guy was the worst type of sociopathic slimeball. Des Campbell of Australia, a debt-ridden disgraced former policeman, met and married a woman who he called “filthy rich” and “pig ugly” behind her back. Then, when he got all the money he could from her, he took her camping and pushed her off a cliff.

Read Womaniser pushed wife off cliff: jury, on au.news.yahoo.com.

Link submitted by a Lovefraud reader.

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  1. Dani S says:

    Big HUGS to you Buttons!!!!!! so nice to have a place to go where people (get It)….. xxx

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  2. one_step_at_a_time says:

    the original thread – i went to the news article and read that the ‘husband’ had an online presence and therein said that his ‘wife’ was stocking him.

    ppath uses this shite ALL the time.

    this one is stalking her, that one is stalking her.


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  3. bluejay says:

    I tried imagining myself standing behind my h-spath at a cliff’s edge and I realized that no matter what, I could not push him off a cliff. Despite all the rubbish that my h-spath has pulled, I am incapable of willingly ending anyone’s life. Something happens inside of me, barring me from doing the ultimate to another person, ending their life. In the end, I am thankful that I have this resistance within me, making it impossible to do the act.

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  4. Psyche says:

    Hi Bluejay,

    I’m grateful for the same thing, and was just thinking about that this morning when I was watching a film about someone who took vengeance out on her abuser. I couldn’t judge her for it, especially not after what she’d been through, and how awful her abuser was, but I realized vengeance wasn’t for me, partly because it just doesn’t sit right on about 100 different levels with me, but also because taking vengeance seems to me like admitting you’ve lost, and that you’re on the same level as the abusers themselves — like you’ve lost hope of rising above the terrible things that your abusers have done.


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