Profiler says letters show Casey Anthony to be a psychopath

Casey Anthony is in jail in Orlando, Florida, accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony. Recently, letters that Casey Anthony wrote to another woman in prison have surfaced. Interviewed on the Today Show, criminal profiler Pat Brown said the letters show that Anthony is a psychopath. Brown called the letters “a wonderful window into how a psychopath thinks.”

Watch the Today Show interview video.

Read Do letters show Casey Anthony is a ‘psychopath’? on the Today Show website.

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  1. onelukygurl says:

    Meant spath. Silly auto correct

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  2. Louise says:


    Hmmmm, let’s just say that he has been exposed and nothing was done…that is usually what happens…they still continue to get away with everything. Mine is so over the top charming and convincing that he has the world fooled. Trust me on that one. If yours is even 1/10th of what mine is, it won’t catch up to him and believe me, if you do it, YOU will be the one who looks like the fool and liar. I will NEVER know how it ends up that way, but this is the way our fucked up world works…everything is backwards and upside down.

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  3. I_survived_The_Bastard says:

    Joanie123: I was with my Spth for 10 years. I’m quite a spiritual person so may have a particular aura, but don’t know if that’s related to what you’re talking about. However I’m definitely female and look female, although quite elfin features

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