Magnetic pulses can disrupt moral judgment

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology were able to disrupt part of the brain that is related to moral judgment by using a magnetic field applied to the scalp of study participants. Normal neural activity in that part of the brain was switched off, resulting in a “no harm, no foul” mentality.

Read Scientists able to manipulate morality on The Scotsman.

Link submitted by a Lovefraud reader.

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  1. ErinBrock says:

    Thanks EC…..
    It is ALWAYS a tale of whiny briny woes…..society seems to like those and suck right onto…..the victim nipple.
    Your right…..about not shocking the dupes with our insensativity sounding crass…with shutem down words…..
    So I act indifferent and sometimes show (appear) to be compassionate towards the spath too……
    COUNTER CONTROL….in order to be heard…..

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  2. OxDrover says:

    Thanks Socio Sibs, and welcome to LF, I’m assuming from your screen name you have some socipaths in your family. Sorry! That’s not a fun thing, but does qualiofy you as a “member” of our “club”—and if you have to be a member of a club you don’t want to join, this is the best one available I think!@ Welcome!

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  3. Jewels says:

    OM goodness – what happened to the ARTICLE link “Page not found…” ?

    it would have been a fun read this morning…

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  4. SocioSibs says:

    Thank you for the welcome, OxDrover.

    Yes, there’s a sociopath in my life — I grew up with her.

    And yes, this is a top-notch “club”. I’ve read a lot of articles, blogs, and posts here, but still only a fraction of what all is available at this site. Its creator & authors are providing an invaluable service, and I count it among the resources I access to learn more as I continue my pursuit to expose sociopaths and raise public awareness.

    I appreciate the contributions you’ve made here, and how warm & welcoming you are to other members, including myself.

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  5. learning says:

    Sociosibs –

    I like your website!

    Way to go!!!!!

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  6. SocioSibs says:

    Thank you, Learning.

    Trying to be another voice to help educate the mainstream and generally raise public awareness about this affliction on society.

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