Stop thinking about that sociopath and enjoy a Christmas Movie

A romantic relationship with a sociopath can leave a person sour on the opposite sex, or on people in general. I said last week that sociopaths try to train their partners in their disordered thinking patterns. Recovery involves purging the sociopath’s mollifications and seeing the beauty in life again. Recovery means a renewed ability to appreciate the loving connections we still have. Sometimes art, music and cinema can help us do that.

This Christmas we were not able to be with our family in California. But it was a “warm” beautiful day in Connecticut, so the kids and I walked the dog on the beach, went to the movies and ate out at a Chinese restaurant. I recommend the movie we saw because it describes real love between a man and a woman and of course their dog.

The movie, Marley and Me, is based on the true story of a family and Marley “the worst dog in the world.” The lead male character is somewhat unsure of himself but very committed to his family, and his values are contrasted with those of his best friend who has an uncommitted approach to relationships.

The story is also about adult development and the changes we go through between 25 and 40. The ending is rather bittersweet but I was still glad to have seen this movie on Christmas. It is good to be reminded about the importance of love and devotion. Movies can be very powerful tools for that kind of reminding. Although there are a lot of movies that portray the dark side of humanity, there is still a demand for stories like this one. Marley and Me advertises the common place, deep connections we have to our loved ones be they human or canine.

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  1. Rune says:

    Yes, Elizabeth, I think we ASSUME, we project, that they must feel “sad.” But I think The Who really caught a description of the behavior.

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  2. Elizabeth Conley says:


    Bob Marley… …was it Guiltiness?


    Don’t think I’ve heard it. Interesting lyrics.

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  3. Elizabeth Conley says:

    For pure, raw emotion in response to sociopathic behavior, I gotta go with “The Pusherman”

    I’ve worked in ministries that served the homeless, so this really reflects how I feel. Foul language alert. I don’t talk like this, and I wouldn’t post it here. It’s a powerful song though. Art should pack an emotional punch.


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  4. Elizabeth Conley says:

    Pretending lyrics

    Clapton is a really good performance artist. I’m betting his delivery gives this a very strong emotional impact.

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  5. Rune says:

    On the theme, “I saw what you did, saw it with my own two eyes, so you can wipe off that grin . . . it’s all been a pack of lies.” Phil Collins, “In the Air Tonight.

    I always wondered about the backstory on that song. Here’s a bunch of explanations: http://www.snopes.com/music/songs/intheair.asp

    Elizabeth, I’ll bet you can find the lyrics. Interesting how these stories show up when you know what to listen for . . .

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  6. Odette says:

    I saw Hellboy 2 on the weekend and though its not a comedy it has moments of very funny dialogue. I liked the original too but Guillermo del Toro’s sequal is just wonderful.

    I also watched Whoopi Goldberg’s recent Broadway performance and the DVD included the orginal Broadway show of 20 years ago. She’s amazing – not only funny but also thought-provoking.

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  7. stormee says:

    Hey Elizabeth C,
    Thanks for printing the lyrics to Bob Marley’s song “Guiltiness” (it sounds great too, you can listen on You-Tube)
    and Behind Blue Eyes…I KNOW why my X relates to “Behind Blue Eyes” reading the lyrics it’s so obvious!!!l
    I saw “Marley and Me” yesterday…It’s an awesome movie…Believe me I have a very bad case of ADD (attention deficit disorder) but this movie rocked!!!
    Happy New Year to all and God Bless….

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  8. Just a reminder – Lovefraud’s policy is to comply with copyright laws. Song lyrics are copyrighted, and posting them violates the owner’s copyright.

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  9. Healing Heart says:

    And the Joy of New Year, too. 2009 is a big year for so many of us. And a great year!!!

    No more engaging with evil. Always choosing light and love.

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