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You can contribute to the research on female psychopaths

Female sociopath colorizedA scientific review published last year summarized the research literature about female psychopaths. But I wonder about the accuracy of the underlying information.

Three researchers from Norway, Rolf Wynn, Marita H. Hoiseth, and Gunn Pettersen, recently published the review. They concluded that when compared to male psychopaths, female psychopaths more often seem to show emotional instability, verbal violence and manipulation of social networks, and less criminal behavior and instrumental violence.

This study, which is quite readable, it explains how the disorder is defined and diagnosed. If you’d like to be familiar with the scientific community’s views of psychopathy, it’s a good overview.

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Woman escaped Harold Henthorn, who is being investigated in the deaths of two wives

Harold Henthorn is alleged to have killed his wife, Toni.

Harold Henthorn is alleged to have killed his wife, Toni.

On a Christian dating website, Sonserae Lees-Calver of California met Harold Henthorn, who is now suspected of murdering two wives. She says, “I think there’s a level of naivety and vulnerability in a lot of women on Christian dating sites,” according to MailOnline.

Luckily, Sonserae listened to her instincts and ended her involvement with Henthorn. She believes she “dodged a bullet.”

EXCLUSIVE: ‘I absolutely dodged a bullet': Woman who dated man accused of murdering BOTH his wives tells how they met on the same Christian singles website where he found his second alleged victim, on

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He snuffed our lives out and we’re still struggling to rekindle our hope.

Spath TalesEditor’s Note:  This SPATH Tale was submitted by the Lovefraud reader who posts under the name “sunshinejan.” The names in this story have been changed.

I married someone I met online after a relatively short courtship that I and friends/family felt was sufficient to answer our questions and made us feel secure as conservative evangelical Christians about his intentions and character.

Once I was married and moved out of the country away from my family and gave up my beloved profession and friends to be with him, I knew immediately something was wrong, but I felt trapped.

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Pennsylvania murder spree: PTSD or psychopathy?

Bradley Stone

Bradley Stone. (Photo by Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office.)

The body of Bradley W. Stone, 35, was discovered Tuesday in the woods about a half-mile from his home in Pennsburg, Pennsylvania, which is outside of Philadelphia.

On Monday, Stone killed his ex-wife, Nicole Stone, 35, and five members of her family, authorities say. The killings took place in three separate locations.

Stone and his wife began divorce proceedings in 2009. Although the divorce was finalized, they were still battling over custody of their daughters, ages 8 and 5. The daughters are safe.

Josh Powell allegedly murdered his wife; now his family wants a cut of the insurance money

The Powell family.

The Powell family.

Editor’s note: Five years ago, Susan Powell, a Utah mother of two, went missing. Her body has never been found.

This is pretty low

By Ann Stevenson

Joshua Powell and his father were the chief suspects in Susan Cox Powell’s disappearance a few years ago. Josh got sole custody of the couple’s children, then moved them to Washington State. The State then found Josh to be unstable and awarded Susan’s parents custody of the kids. During a “supervised” visit between the children and Josh Powell, Powell hacked the kids up with an ax and blew the house up, killing himself and his two children.

Why you feel so shattered by the sociopath’s betrayal

Human skeleton“How can someone who claims to love me be so cruel?”

“Do you mean he (she) never loved me? It was all a lie?”

“I never knew people like this existed!”

When you first begin to realize that you’ve been involved with a sociopath, you may feel unhinged, like you’ve lost your bearings in the world and you’re drifting.

You’ve had your heart broken before, but no previous relationship compared to this. Even if you’ve managed to get away from this toxic person, you feel lost. Your well-meaning friends and family are urging you to get over it, to put it behind you, but you can’t.

He makes me believe the lies and sucks me into the drama

Spath TalesEditor’s Note: This SPATH Tale was submitted by the Lovefraud reader who posts by the name “stronginthecity.”

I am currently in a relationship with a sociopath. I’ve been with him since June 2013. I was with him before. That relationship ended in 2006, leaving me jobless and depressed because he left the relationship abruptly and literally disappeared.

I am a medical professional, so I am the typical target I guess.

He resurfaced last year proclaiming his love for me and how much he missed me — giving three or four reasons, explanations why he left. I kept tabs on him through the years from time to time and found out he was in prison in 2009 for drug charges.

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Canadian TV show highlights the ‘successful psychopath’

Psychopath Next Door

Image from the Candadian TV show, ‘The Psychopath Next Door.’

Not all psychopaths are killers. Some are leaders in business, politics and other areas who act without conscience, have an inordinate need for power, prestige and wealth, and who are charming, manipulative and ruthless.

A show by Canada’s CBC-TV, The Psychopath Next Door, provides a chilling and provacative examination of those in our midst who know right from wrong, but feel entitled to do what they want. The show is available online in Canada, but not in the U.S.

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Brazilian ‘psychopath’ admits to killing 41 people ‘for fun’

Sailson Jose das Gracas

Sailson Jose das Gracas (Photo by Policia Civil)

Sailson Jose das Gracas, 26, of Brazil, was arrested for stabbing a woman, and admitted to police that he had murdered 41 people, almost all of them women.

“When I wasn’t killing someone I got uptight,” das Gracas said, according to Agence France-Presse. “I would pace up and down at home. Killing calmed me down.”

Police described das Gracas as “a psychopath.”

Brazilian admits to killing 41 people ‘for fun, on

I am not, and never have been mad – just stressed and traumatized because of him

Spath TalesEditor’s note: The following story was submitted by a Lovefraud reader whom we’ll call “Laverne.”

I feel that my life has been basically ruined (and is still being ruined) by the father of my children who is a truly vicious sociopath. He stalks the background of my life like the Grim Reaper feeding off the misery he causes.

For anyone who has not had this type of experience it is very hard to explain, as sociopaths, such as my ex partner, appear so ‘normal’ to others, whilst making you, the victim, seem like the ‘mad’ one.

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