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Warning: Sociopath Ahead!

Warning Sign

A friend of mine feared her daughter was involved with a sociopath who was pressuring her to have children with him. Knowing I’d had my life derailed by my own husband (now ex-husband), who I now believe is a sociopath, my friend asked me to tell her daughter some of my story.

As one never knows if a seed of information will later blossom into insight, I wrote her daughter a letter.  The entry below is based on that letter.

Wonderful Qualities Become Profound Vulnerabilities

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Parents try to frame PTA president by planting drugs in her car

Kent and Jill Easters

Kent and Jill Easters (Orange County District Attorney’s Office)

In this unbelievable story, the parents of a middle school boy, both of them lawyers, went out of their way to destroy the PTA president over a misinterpreted comment.

First Jill and Kent Easter, of Irvine, California, tried to get the PTA president fired from her volunteer job.

When that didn’t work, they threatened a lawsuit.

And when that didn’t work, they planted drugs in her car. The Easters were caught and convicted.

Then the PTA president, Kelli Peters, filed a lawsuit against them. She just won a $5.7 million judgment.

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Wisconsin ‘sociopath’ convinced woman to plant hidden cameras in locker rooms

Two years ago, Christina Walker and her 10-year-old daughter uncovered what turned out to be a massive spy cam operation in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin.

Karl Landt persuaded his co-worker,  Melissa Wenckebach, to plant the spy cams in the women’s locker room at their employee recreation center. Then, Landt convinced Wenckebach to do the same thing at a community swim club.

She placed the cameras and retrieved them hundreds of times.

The two are now in prison. But this recent report, about a law that Christina Walker is advocating for to protect children, includes Wenckebach tearfully describing Landt’s sick manipulation tactics.

With sociopaths, words and actions can both be lies

Pensive woman


Lovefraud received the following observation from a reader who posts as “new_day”:

I just had an A-ha moment while scrolling through Facebook. I read a post that said, “Words may lie but actions always tell the truth.” The problem with understanding how sociopathic behavior is so damaging to others, is that we have to realize even Actions can Lie!!

Those who are hollow of any truth or love are masters of acting! They can entertain us into thinking they are the good and loving soul mate that we were blessed to meet. In reality, it was all love fraud.

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Woman fakes cancer to raise money — is she a do-gooder, or a sociopath?

Editor’s note: The following story and comment were sent by a Lovefraud reader whom we’ll call “Jeri-Lynn.” A well-known woman from West Seattle, Tracy Dart, claimed she battled cancer three times while raising money for the disease. Allegations are that she never had cancer at all.

Local woman may have faked cancer diagnosis, on King5.com.

This a story from my community, which is reeling from the news. Are daily lies which do “good” things like raise $ for cancer research somehow “better” than lies perpetuated by sociopaths to actively hurt their targets?

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Who exactly is a potential victim of psychopaths or sociopaths?


Chapter 5
Who is a potential victim?

Everyone is a potential victim of a psychopath. There are two basic reasons why, and my goal in this chapter is to make them clear for you. Why? Because too many people think they can’t be fooled or that they’re too strong to be a victim, and those beliefs put us in danger of being swept away and devastated by a psychopath.

Bill Cosby to stand trial for sex assault

Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby

More than 50 women have accused Comedian Bill Cosby of rape or sexual assault. At least one case is going to trial.

Cosby lost his bid to have his sexual assault case in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, dismissed. Judge Steven T. O’Neill ordered Cosby to return to court on March 8 for a preliminary hearing.

Cosby is accused of sexually assaulting Andrea Constand, a former employee of the Temple University women’s basketball team, in his suburban Philadelphia home, in 2004.

Former District Attorney Bruce L. Castor Jr. decided not to charge Cosby at the time. Castor said he promised not to prosecute Cosby so that the entertainer would give a deposition in Constand’s civil suit.

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For Sociopaths, It’s All About Them–Even When You’re Sick


Before I met “Paul,” (the man I married, who I realized about twenty years too late must be a sociopath) I had a friend who may not have known about sociopaths, but she knew to call off her engagement to “Mr. Right” because of a cold and a sandwich.

Make Your Own Damn Sandwich!

Carol was smart, motivated, kind, outgoing, upbeat, and gorgeous. She was clearly a “catch,” and she had come very close to marrying handsome, rich, well-connected “Mr. Right.”

People have told the district attorney that my ex is going to kill me and my kids

Spath TalesEditor’s note: Lovefraud received the following story from a reader whom we’ll call “Clara.”

22 years of marriage, 2 kid, 1 adopted son. Boys are now 20, daughter is 17.

My ex has been arrested 6 times and now been charged with stalking and harassment. I now have lifetime no contact and he has 3 years no contact with my kids.

Both of us have very good jobs, beautiful home, well known in our small town. He coached baseball and football so has been looked up to.

According to indictments, fraud runs in the Fattah family

Chaka “Chip” Fattah Jr., of Philadelphia, was sentenced today to five years in prison, and ordered to pay more than $1 million in restitution, after being convicted of federal bank and tax fraud last year.

“The evidence [at trial] demonstrated incontrovertibly that Fattah was a habitual schemer, liar, and fraudster, obsessed with wealth and material possessions,” wrote U.S. Attorneys Paul L. Gray and Eric L. Gibson, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Fattah Jr. is the son of U.S Rep. Chaka Fattah (D., Pa.), who was indicted last summer on 29 counts, including bribery, bank fraud and other corruption charges.

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