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My ‘knight in shining armor’ turned out to be a SPATH

SPATH TALESI found my “knight in shining armor” as a single mom of a six-month-old baby. My boyfriend was too good to be true to myself and my son. I fell in love quickly and soon life was easier and we settled into home life.

Three years later I am pregnant with my second child and decided to marry the man I loved.

He traveled 4-5 days a week so we decided I would be the at-home caregiver.

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Psychopaths as Predators: Protecting Children

A child predator is likely (but not always) a psychopath and not necessarily a stranger. Here are some points to consider when it comes to protecting your children.*

Be Present

People who prey on children are likely to seek out roles that give them time for intimate contact. That includes coaches, club advisors, teachers, pastors, and so on. Background checks are only useful if the individual has been caught, and let’s face it, many are not. A clever psychopath who preys on children is likely to evade detection through charisma, deception, and a values-driven facade. This person may be the last you’d ever expect—the type who spends time with the family even when the children aren’t around.

Introducing a new Lovefraud feature: Spath Tales

Spath TalesEven after all these years — Lovefraud launched in 2005 — the stories I hear about the atrocious behavior of sociopaths still shock me.

The brazen deception. The cruelty. The unthinkable evil.

Unfortunately, most of the world doesn’t know that these predators live among us.  One of Lovefraud’s missions is to alert people about these exploiters and what they are capable of doing. And the best way to do that is by sharing the experiences of those who have tangled with them.

Russian hackers create an army of cyber ‘bots’ to infiltrate world computers

Based on early reports, Russian hackers may have figured out how to access information from over a billion people from around the world in the biggest user name and password heist in history.

The hackers deployed a virus-type technology to turn individual computers into robots — commonly referred to as “bots” —  and then linked the individual bots together to create “bot networks.” Security analysts suspect that over 400,000 websites have already been compromised, and  the attacks may be ongoing.

Find out what you can do to help protect yourself  from these cyber thugs  by clicking the article link below.

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LETTER TO LOVEFRAUD: My adopted daughter became her biological mother

Editor’s Note: Lovefraud recently received the following letter from a reader who posts as “Hannah4.” Donna Andersen will offer comments at the end of her story.

V and B join our family

I retired from teaching two years ago. I have been married for 38 years to the same man and gave birth to two sons who are now grown. Sixteen years ago, my husband and I became guardians of two girls who are biological sisters (who attended the school where I taught). One of the sisters, V, joined our family when she was nine years old. One year later, her younger sister, B, who had just turned nine, also joined our family. At the time, I taught in a private Christian school where the philosophy was “it takes a village to raise a child.”

Q&A with a psychopathy expert

Neuroscientist Kent A. Kiehl, Ph.D., has used an mobile MRI scanner to peer into the brains of about 3,000 violent offenders, including 500 psychopaths.

Keihl recently came out with a new book, The Psychopath Whisperer — The science of those without conscience. In an interview on, he answers questions like:

  • What’s the difference between psychopathy and psychosis?
  • Why do you see psychopathy as a mental disorder, not just an extreme personality type?
  • What is different about psychopathic brains?

Read the full interview:

What it’s like to spend 20 years listening to psychopaths for science, on

Replacing a sociopath with a borderline personality disordered man

Editor’s Note: Lovefraud received the following email from reader Victimcindy. Donna Andersen  responds after the letter.

My first relationship, after my 18-year marriage to a sociopath, was to a borderline personality disordered (BPD) man. Do you find this common as the disordered traits are opposite in some areas?  We think we are getting something new and healthy.

Spath vs BPD: sex

My spath-ex withheld sex as power. The borderline was highly sexual. My spath-ex was charming, but lacked empathy and was emotionally unavailable. He also abused substances, was opportunistic with casual sex outside marriage and secretive.

BOOK REVIEW: Never Date a Dead Animal

Never Date a Dead AnimalYou can certainly say one thing about Never Date a Dead Animal — The Red Flags of Losers, Abusers, Cheaters and Con-Artists: It’s a book with attitude.

And perhaps attitude is just what any woman who is, was, or always seems to be tangled up with the wrong type of man needs.

Author Nancy Nichols refers to her audience “Shoe Sistas,” and exhorts all women to find their “Girlfriend Within.” Who is this girlfriend?

My Girlfriend Within is a styling, strutting fashionista; she loves designer labels, handbags, jewelry and shoes. She feels especially sassy in her red patent-leather high heels. My Girlfriend Within is my super-sized, uber-magnificent alter-ego.

To get rid of a sociopath, think out of the box!

UK janitor allegedly cons women by claiming to be a pilot

Timothy Giles claimed to be a real jet-setter — a pilot for Qantas. He met women on the Internet and sent them photos of exotic locations, telling them it was the view from his window. But then he lost his credit card on his foreign trips, and asked the women for money.

In reality, Giles, 46, of Wiltshire in the UK, was an unemployed former toilet cleaner. He pleaded guilty to seven charges of fraud and theft in the Exeter Magistrates’ Court last week.

Toilet cleaner conman Timothy Giles pretended to be a Qantas pilot to dupe woman into a relationship, on

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